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The Lusty Vegan: 3 Ways to Survive Holidays as the Only Vegan

Holiday time is family time. Sometimes we chill with our own fam, other times we’re kicking it with our partner’s fam and sometimes we’re even meeting the maybe-possibly-future-inlaws for the first time. That first time run in is nearly always awkward, and when you throw veganism into the mix, things can quickly catapult to the next level ....more

Traveling on a Real Food Diet

The holidays can mean a lot of things: time spent with loved ones, beautiful decorations, indulging in delicious food. For some people the holidays also mean lots of traveling. And traveling, whether by plane, train, or automobile, can be incredibly stressful when you eat a real food diet, especially when you also have allergies ....more

Super Easy, Super Healthy Ferrero Rocher (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Being free from the burden of final exams is one of the best feelings ever. Not only am I blogging without the guilt of being a procrastinator of my school work, I had the chance to go get some.. ....more

Tomato Bruschetta on Crostini

Can you believe that Christmas is almost here? ...more

HempNog {Vegan Eggnog}

Here is a superfood filled vegan eggnog that is perfect to give you energy during the holiday season. What I love about this drink is that it only takes a few minutes to prepare in the blender and you can drink it hot or cold. It tastes so yummy and you can drink lots of it without any guilt! ...more

Gingerbread Cookie Cutouts With Buttercream Frosting

Whitney Reist Hiiiiiiii. Please don’t hate me for posting another baked goodie. I can’t help myself! ...more

The “Me Time” Tag

Having “me time” everyday is imperative for anyone to stay sane, even if it’s only for a few minutes, right?! We all have our little rituals or things we do to refocus, reflect and connect with ourselves. 10 minutes of doing something that centers your mind can make the world of a difference in your attitude ....more

Shaved Broccoli Salad with Candied Bacon

Print Shaved Broccoli Salad with Candied Bacon Ingredients For the salad 5-6 broccoli stalks and crowns 1/4 cup french feta 1 pack bacon 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup dried cranberries 1/4 cup hazelnuts For the dressing Juice from one lemon zest from one lemon 1/8 cup olive oil kosher salt to taste 1 tsp butter Instructions Shave outer layer of broccoli cut stems in half and shave them bake bacon with brown sugar rubbed on each slice at 250 for one hour. Let cool and cut up Toss lemon juice, zest and olive oil together to dress salad Saute hazelnuts in a tsp of butter to toast Build salad with fresh broccoli florets, candied bacon, feta and hazelnuts 2.6 ....more

Orange Creamsicle Scones

Mini scones that make a great breakfast or brunch! These are filled with orange zest and white chocolate chips! Basically dessert for breakfast :) I love a good scone ....more