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Grapefruit is HOT!

Everybody knows grapefruit is good for you.  It’s been touted as one of ‘the world’s healthiest foods’, and has long been the icon of a dieter’s breakfast.  Sure, you can also peel it and put sections in salads and such, or squeeze the juice for drinks or add it to sauces.  And while all that might be cool, this girl likes it HOT!  That’s right, broiled in fact....more

On radio lets party together

On radio lets party together to get your message delivered to the hearts and minds a week after TNS listeners for more information these email marketing at camp CNNs Don girls that I may be hall hosted the Greengage what are you hungry for do you need to rebalance your mom fucked promises we talked about Hall sustainable food awesome recipes and all the other things that Norris ass now is the time to change our relationship with food and get back to the simple delicious nutritious basics the Greenway during great food and healthy living weekdays atom Eastern only on FT amass read at TNS on ...more

Are There Any side Effects From Taking suppliment?

you possess to execute package package puddle mending.Premium Pure Forskolin Timely and daily mending ensures unused healthful humour and country for you head to head and your love ones. Removing mud, leaves and varied floating matters, along with bugs and insects is absolutely a unflagging fixture machine....more

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Of through a lot more so than fast Garth those are up else make cases take water soulless you want to cool marble viewed for now ho up so well first things he covers is something I've Tyson people over Andover especially your FSX well that's that yeah the if people have an irrational fear ices love kids too and it’s the parents fall obviously societies all expand that see feel hunger pain oh my god I'mpoints ad I am now those swollen belly all babies GOP I'm done I needed a and a best case up so he covers that which applaud a he also specifies how the tight is not a water fast its is I'll h...more

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You had five ladies water inlet minnows and crazy all that say Anita per hour is mama taking was shopping man fort for fame and drink I don't know what you doing to know he goes on life's we leave once causing you any working Superior Test X air conditioning a of lust you and the wanting to come athletic you want to lose more fat want to on tonight why can go boy is this more chain he this war China you when I'm for ten times urination and a to start an adequate water and go from there and drink enough water seeping clear just a waste and I the col...more

Some veggie love

WHAT to do with the vegetables you plant in your backyard? This though crossed my mind when I saw photos of the vegetables posted by Chris Helms a few days ago at Facebook.My question was answered later when Chris posted photos of canned or bottled pickles, beans and tomatoes. Thus I dedicate this article to Jean Helms and her husband Chris....more

Energy Oatmeal Clusters

These are great for breakfast. Just pick some up and take them with you! They’re healthy and so easy to make. ...more

Wino! DIY Coaster Made From Wine Corks

Having a husband in the wine industry means we have A LOT of corks lying around. No, it's not from all the wine we drink (I promise), but it is pretty cool. I mean, think of all the project possibilities! Today, we attempted our first cork project, and I will say these coasters came out pretty cute! So if you want to give it a try (I am sure you have some corks lying around, right?), here is how we did it. ...more

Smoker Pork with a Homemade Pineapple, Apple BBQ Sauce

Over any given weekend during the summer when the weather is beautiful, we will be BBQing or in this case smoking a variety of meats....more

Summertime Drink: The Classic Caesar

Ray-Bans?  Check. Sunscreen? Check. Margaret Atwood novel? Check. (Yeah, I’m cool like that!  Ahem…) Here I am, sitting on the dock at the cottage in the blazing late June sunshine, soaking up not only the rays but also the fresh, clean air of beautiful Northern Ontario. Ahh!...more