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Detox Juices for Clear and Beautiful Skin

               I hope you are all doing well today!  ...more

Eggless Chocolate and Beetroot Cake

Decadent, moist and chocolaty. This cake is delicious and a fun way to get a serving of vegetables in your day. It was an exciting time at the Lewis household this weekend! Che and I had an offer on a house accepted so if all goes the way it should, we'll be moving at the start of September. ...more

Refrigerated Pickled Mixed Peppers

My garden is starting to explode with a truck load of cherry tomatoes, HUGE zucchinis and tonnes of various peppers. I went out yesterday and picked an entire bowl of hot and sweet peppers which was wonderful but I said to myself, “Self, there are only so many peppers, especially hot ones, that a girl can eat.” So voila, from that little conversation, I had with myself, pickled peppers were born. (well made but born sounds more dramatic)....more

Chocolate Banana Pudding Pie

A no-bake pie! Exactly what summertime is all about! This no-bake pie features a vanilla wafer crust with chocolate drizzled in the bottom of the crust then abundantly layered with bananas and vanilla pudding. All that goodness is then topped with summertime's perfect whip. A mash-up of banana pudding and chocolate covered bananas in one pie. Recipe at:

Korean Style Spring Onion Salad

Am making this salad, just for the fun of it.Read more from 'Korean Style Spring Onion Salad'....more

Bizcocho de Calabacín y Chocolate


 In the last few days of July, Russian twitter exploded with sarcastic and critical tweets about the new plan of Russian government that, supposedly, will help fight contraband. Unfortunately, I am not talking about illegal drugs, weapons and other things that every country fights against importing I have been silently watching the international conflict unfolding during the past year, not really willing to speak up, because I am too cautious of what I say. However, the news that came just recently were the last drop and now I am, just as many other Russians, absolutely infuriated with what is going to happen on August 6th.  I guess that, by now, you have to live on a remote island with no means of communication in sight to not be aware of Russian embargo, put into action a year ago. In case you are a happy oblivious person, you can educate yourself on the topic here. ...more

Summery Peach and Sweetcorn Salad, to Celebrate August

Summery, Sweet and Peachy...more

Lowfat BLT Pasta Salad

Lowfat BLT Pasta Salad...more

Corn and Kale Salad

Crunchy Kale salad with corn, onion and garlic topped in homemade lime dressing. Kale is very nutritious and contains beta carotene, calcium and vitamin K, C. As a healthy veggie it can be eaten raw or cooked. There are some interesting recipes how kale can be used in your kitchen. It can be used in smoothies or salads. It can be also cooked and served with pasta or meat. There are many possibilities how kale can be used in yummy ways....more