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Red Dirt Kelly's Favorite Things: Crimson and Whipped Cream Bakery, Norman, OK

The problem of being a "foodie" lies in the tension between the compulsive task of assessing what you're eating, and that moment you judge the food or establishment du jour to have met a certain level of quality. For me, it's as if I'm "working" until I can then either relax due to the discovery of "good," or at least be relieved of the job due to the discover of: "No. My standard has not been met."...more
I'll try one of each ;)more

Recipe Monday - Honey Mustard Chicken

This is a favorite here, and it's really easy.  Ingredients: Chicken Breasts Honey Dijon Mustard Salt Pepper Garlic Powder Honey Dijon Salad Dressing...more

One Good Reason (To Go Vegan)

Happy Meatless Monday! I'm still high on a weekend filled with good food, and good fun, including my first ever 5K.  ...more
Love the shirt, hopefully you made people stop and think!more

Elfin Goodness.

This has been the weekend of the brownie.Saturday post lunch, dad and I ate a brownie.  Saturday night, another brownie.  Sunday, brownie number three.  I went on a corner of the mouth frosting, floor crumbing chocolate bender....more

Pizza Pockets

Yummy for the tummy - Fill with your favorite pizza toppings!...more
This sounds yummy.  Can't wait to try it!more

Recovering from the weekend and gearing up for a vegan academy

This little ole’ blog was mighty silent over the weekend – because I was mighty busy!As you know, The Seed was this weekend and, wow, was it ever amazing.I loved talking to folks after the vegan blogging panel (for which I moderated and presented)....more

Italian Pronunciation: You say potato, I say patata

How many times have you dined in an Italian restaurant where you discovered, much to your discomfort and dismay, that all the names of the items on the menu were written in Italian... and you had no idea how to pronounce anything? What do you do? Find the most English-sounding item on the menu and order it, not because that's actually what you want to eat, but because it's the dish that's easiest to pronounce. Wait for the person next to you to order, then say brightly, "I'll have what she's having!" ...more

Mutton Chick Peas Curry spiced by Down To Earth Organic

An event for the members of Fooderati Arabia at Down To Earth Organic, Dubai revealing much more than just some organic products. And a very tasty Mutton Chick Peas Curry much later on spiced by Down To Earth Organic spices!...more

Hello, Tom. And Other Seattle Eats.

There is a trend happening in the food and restaurant world, and it goes hand in hand with doing things more sustainably, and using fresh, local ingredients. This trend is toward doing a few things – just a few things – very, very well....more