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Dinner for two please

Sunday night i had this HUGE taste for spaghetti and meat sauce (keep in mind usually i am a ragu kind of girl) but i had this great idea that i could make my own sauce. I went and bought ground turkey and sausage and decided i obviously needed tomato something to make this great. I went with tomato sauce and chopped tomatoes. i came home and had literally 50 things to do for myself and 10 to do for the neighbor i of course start dinner way later than i wanted and am starving....more

Chocolate Macarons (Italian Meringue)

Over the past couple of years, while the Macaron trend has been consuming macaron-enamored consumers, the demand for recipes and fail-proof methods to perfect these dainty cookies has increased dramatically (stopped myself from using another pun here). The popular method (French Macarons) involved aging egg whites, counting mixing strokes, letting a shell form, and never-ending trial and error. The lesser known method is what I'm presenting to the knowledge pile - the Italian Method....more

Spanish Chilli Bean Dip

Which is the vegetarian version, made from scratch without the addition of any preservatives. I believe there is a variety of chilli bean dips around, mostly Spanish in origin. The non-vegetarian version of this would be Chilli con carne, rightly cooked with minced meat and which is less of a paste than the one I am making here....more

Plated + Served: Blueberry Bread

Had a house full of friends and family over the weekend, so I got to do what I love: cook.Had to accommodate a lot of different schedules, so I did what was necessary: took shortcuts. Used a boxed bread-mix and made them in oven-safe disposable baking pans....more

Chocolate Mint Cookie Bars

Chocolate Mint Cookie BarsA Double Chocolate Shortbread Cookie Base, Layered with Whipped Mint Ganache & Drizzled with Dark Chocolate Glaze....more

Peanut Butter Pie With Chocolate Ganache

Creamy peanut butter and rich, dark chocolate…my absolute favorite flavor combination....more

I Cant Believe It's vegan



To be honest Ratatouille is not a dish that I am very familiar with but when I came across a recipe in Miss Dahl's Cookbook I knew I wanted to give it a try. My sister-n-law has been keeping our kitchen stocked this summer with fresh vegetables from her garden and this traditional French vegetable dish felt like the perfect way to use them up....more

Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Mom's Homemade Barbecue Sauce

I love a good pulled pork sandwich with barbecue sauce.  I feel certain that this recipe has it tastes great and cooking it in a crockpot gives you time to do other things while it cooks.  ...more
I'm so glad you like is really good! My family and friends love these sandwiches. ...more