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Bibingka (Filipino Coconut Rice Cake)

Road Trip to Ensenada & Rosarito

My sister just left, and as I try to hold back the sadness that threatens to engulf me I realize I’m just really glad she came. She got here about a week ago, but instead of spending a whole week in OC, we met her in Tijuana for a quick road trip to Ensenada and Rosarito, Baja Califorinia, MX. The hubby and I have been wanting to go there for a while, since we live so close, but we had never made the time....more

Cake Decorating Classes in Orange County

Whole Wheat English Muffins

I’m obsessed.I have a new love.It’s this fig butter.I know, I live a big, exciting life. You don’t have to tell me.I want to put it on everything. The other night’s dinner consisted of a grilled cheese sandwich made with some leftover brie cheese, and you know I put some fig butter on that beauty....more

Menu Planning: A Week of Gluten Free Meals, Take 2

Because last night was possibly one of the worst. nights. ever. and the hubby got called in to work today, this post will be short and sweet. I'm exhausted and my equally exhausted child could wake up from her nap at any moment....more

What You Should Know About Carbs and the Glycemic Index

Over the last couple of decades carbohydrates (or carbs) have been given a bad rap. Don't be misled by the hype. Carbs are a critical component of a healthy diet as they are the primary source of energy required to fuel all bodily functions during rest and exercise conditions. As such, it’s not the best idea to deprive your body of them.  However, like anything else, too much of a good thing can be unhealthy....more

Delightful Hawaiian Ahi Poke

Ingredients Hawaiian Poke 1 lb, fresh Ahi Tuna ...more
 @Darcie Thank you Darcie!  It's delicious and really healthy as well! Feel free to share my ...more

Easy Tailgating Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

I am super excited that football season has officially started! One thing I love about football season is that it allows me to showcase my culinary skills. I may not have mastered the perfect roast or fancy dessert, but I sure as heck can dump a bunch of things together to make a delicious dip. People actually request for my food during football season. For some of you this may be hard to believe, but yes, it happens. My most requested dish? Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip!Here's what you need......more

running around like a maniac. and then, salad.

purslane salad and edamameFor someone who makes it her business to cook and eat, I have my some weird eating habits.  Some days the idea of three square meals is a laughable concept.  I can spend a whole day just eating granola bars and popcorn.  And then other days I’m like this obnoxious, gluttonous freak, impossible to satiate....more

assauging end-of-summer guilt with a pear, walnut and blue cheese crostata

pear, walnut and blue cheese crostataOh, Labor Day.  You saucy little minx, you.  I’ve spent the entire summer bitching and moaning about the heat and now, as I realize its coming to a close, I’m panicking because Labor Day’s arrival means that summer is about to end.  Cue the Crazy....more