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Man and Wife Making a Pizza

I once made one of those big lists where I wrote down everything I want to achieve in this lifetime. Chief among my goals were things like buy a house, write a book, and touch soil on every continent. Also on the list:  Master pizza crust. Dreams come in all sizes. Sometimes they’re even gluten-free.The truth is, when you live in New York City, there’s no real need to master pizza crust because you can buy the best possible version of it on your street corner.So last Friday night we did. Sorta....more

Thin Mint Chocolate Donuts

Bow Tie Pasta with Buckwheat Kasha

Ever since finding out that buckwheat is a super healthy seed and not just another version of wheat, we’ve been eating a lot more buckwheat – soba noodles with peanut sauce, simple buckwheat groats as a side, and this time I made Varnishki....more

Guilt-free Two-bite Brownies

Truth?I don’t ever feel guilty about eating chocolate.I feel guilty about a lot of other things: not being a better mom, sister, friend, daughter, wife, pet owner, citizen…But chocolate? Nah....more

Smoky Pumpkin BBQ Sauce

Brrr! We are not used to these temperatures in Houston! The temperature has been in the 30s for the past two days, and that's too cold for this native New Orleanian to take! It will be even colder when we visit Atlanta to look at potential neighborhoods this weekend. Hopefully we can survive :)Fortunately, cooking over a warm stove always keeps me toasty. Yesterday, I made a paleo Smoky Pumpkin BBQ Sauce, and per Ryan's suggestion, used it as a marinade for chicken fajitas!...more

Double Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcake filled with milk chocolate mousse and topped with a creamy white chocolate mousse. Sound pretty good? These are super easy to make, a simple chocolate cupcake filled with two different mousses that are prepared the same way. Sometimes simple can be so darn yum! ...more

The Ultimate Money-Saving Tip for Your Gluten-Free Diet

Some feel P.F. Chang's is discriminating against individuals with celiac disease because they charge $1 more per menu item that is prepared gluten-free. Here's what I think about the cost of GF food and the best way to save money....more
melaniehoglind great to hear from some like-minded folks! :) Thank you for your comment and I'm ...more

Kielbasa and Kale Soup

Hi there!...more

Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Bars

Hi there!  I'm so glad you stopped by!This is and will probably always be the most tried and true recipe that I will share with you on this little corner of the blogosphere.  That's why it's first!  I've been making this recipe about once every other week for a few years now and we still haven't tired of it....more

Chocolate Chip Chickpea Cookies

Chocolate Chip Chickpea Cookies This recipe doesn’t sound enticing, I know! But trust me when I say these are GOOD! How do I know? I use my fool proof hubby method. I make the recipe and have my husband try the batter and or finished product without telling him the ingredients (I am lucky to have such a trusting spouse, I know). With this recipe he thought it tasted like a regular peanut butter cookie!...more