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Better With Bacon Revamped Green Bean Casserole

It’s that time of year where we’re all gearing up for the holidays which means decorating, shopping for presents, and menu planning! Sometimes, menu planning can be the most cumbersome of them all. If you’re like me, you want to try out new things while keeping some of the favorites, please everyone, and have a wonderful dinner with little effort so you can spend time with your loved ones ....more

Root Beer Float Cupcakes

Are you sitting down? Grab the edge of something sturdy and steady yourself...more

Super Creamy Vegan Hot Chocolate

This weekend was a whirlwind. A fun whirlwind, but I’d like an extra morning that can be lazy, pajama-filled, and include a blanket and this cup of hot chocolate. Ahh ....more

Meatless Monday: Special kids’ lunch edition: Pumpkin frittata (vegetarian)

I know everyone is always looking for lunch suggestions, whether for themselves or for their kids, so I am trying to come up with some ideas for you to provide a bit of relief in your hectic daily lives! These little vegetarian frittatas are great to make a big batch ahead of time, and freeze......more

Creamed Corn and Bacon Lasagna

Good November to all of you! It is that time of year ...more

Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo

Let me start by saying I will never compare vegan alfredo sauce to rich, fattening, real alfredo sauce. And anyone who says it tastes exactly the same is lying. However, for those of us whose love handles grow just thinking about eating regular fettuccine alfredo,...more

Sweet Potato Cheesecake with Bourbon Whipped Cream

This post is sponsored by Imperial Sugar. ...more

5 Days 5 Lunches: Pan Seared Chicken Breast with Mushrooms

Pan seared chicken breast is an easy way to bring some flavor to our old boring friend, chicken breast. By pan searing the chicken breast, you can lock in some more flavors. This dish is great for lunch, you can put it on a sandwich or eat it by itself ....more

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Baked Beans

I decided this past summer that I was going to write an ecookbook. I was going to title it “Turkey Schmurkey” and it was going to contain 30 or so vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes that were so good, even the carnivores might not miss the bird – or at least, would be very happy to be served some of these dishes alongside. I started working on several recipes, and I even got so far as to wrap one up ....more

Stir Fry Chinese Pea Shoots 炒豆苗

This classic Chinese vegetable dish is one of those things that is really, really simple to make and yet unforgettable in all its comforting yumminess. ...more