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Moroccan Butternut Squash and Chickpea Tagine from Closet Cooking

One thing I think is so fun about meatless recipes is that they often make use of interesting ingredients or cooking methods from places around the world where cooking without meat is common. Don't be scared by the word tagine in this Moroccan Butternut Squash and Chickpea Tagine from Closet Cooking. The name does refer to a type of special Moroccan clay pot used for cooking stews, but Kevin has cooked this dish in a pan on the stove. And although there are a couple of uniquely Middle Eastern ingredients in this dish like preserved lemons and Harissa, this recipe sounds like it would have plenty of flavor without them....more
Sounds like a PERFECT labor meal! Thanks!more

Week 8: No More Portion Distortion!

Congratulations! You've made it to week 8 of BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness! Julie and I hope that this challenge has helped you make positive changes to your diet. If you missed the previous weeks, you can still catch up and follow along at your own pace. Review our earlier posts and you can incorporate week one's goal into your diet starting today....more
Love it!! To the point, articulate, and interesting. <a ...more

Best Picture Dinners: War Horse

The next movie in the Best Picture Dinners series is War Horse, which follows the relationship between young Albert and his horse during World War I. It features a glimpse into England's working rural poor around that time in history, and also that examines a time when war was on the cusp of changing, with both new and more traditional ways of fighting intersecting in a brutal fashion....more

Grilled Cheese with Prosciutto, Onions, Manchego, Apple, & Pepper Jelly

So.... during my grocery shopping adventure (I'd rather grocery shop than go to the mall... Sad. I know), I found some fresh sourdough that looked and smelled totally deilsh. Good bread deserves to have amazing ingredients in between its tasty slices....more
This sounds delicious! I love prosciutto on grilled cheese and the apple and pepper jelly sound ...more

Green Tea Soup

I usually highlight a particular ingredient in a recipe that has breast cancer prevention properties. This recipe has two ingredients that have been shown in studies to reduce breast cancer risk. Many of the recipes here also have antioxidant properties that are good for other types of cancer prevention too....more

Why and How to Sharpen Your Knives

[Editor's Note: When was the last time you got your knives sharpened? It's a really important step to keeping your kitchen running smoothly—a good sharp knife will speed your cooking process and actually keep you safer in the kitchen. Learn more in this informative post! --Genie] ...more

Potato Mushroom Napoleons

Other than a failed cupcake attempt, Saturday was a perfect day of cooking.  I was up before five, tested my hand at some polenta which eventually turned into polenta fries and pizza....more
@BlogHer Yum! Do you think using real dairy would hurt the recipe?more

Three Easy Steps to a Clean Pantry

When you move into a new place, you start with a clean and organized pantry, but let's face it...everyone's pantry gets a little disorganized after awhile. Here are some great, clear steps to getting it back in order so you know what you have, can use it efficiently and deliciously, and can make sure you're not buying extra ingredients just because you can't find what you already have....more
I was prepared to click & get organized, but after I clicked I discovered I had to click again, ...more

Cajun Spice Mix

[Editor's Note: Let the good times roll with this fantastic homemade spice blend! It marries Cajun flavors and is great to keep on hand to boost the flavor of lots of dishes. --Genie] ...more
Nice! When we run out of the store-bought stuff I'll try this. Probably without the salt though. ...more

Fiery Deviled Eggs Garnished With Prosciutto Crisps

[Editor's Note: I'm always on the lookout for great variations on standard deviled eggs, and I love this one, in particular. It has a fun, spicy edge to it that isn't ordinarily found in this comforting appetizer, and the prosciutto crisps on top sound delicious. It's a great appetizer for any kind of party! --Genie] Spicy Deviled Eggs with Prosciutto Crisps ...more
Nice change of pace from the standard yellow filling that I usually make. Looks tasty!more