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The Top 5 Reasons to Attend BlogHer Food in Miami This Month

I’ve been blogging for five years now. During four of those years I watched bloggers go to fabulous cities and attend amazing conferences, specifically BlogHer conferences. Every summer my social media and blog feed would get filled with pictures and stories of great and inspiring times spent at the conference while I sat at home in yoga pants wishing I could go. Finally, last year I got to go to my first BlogHer Food conference in Austin, and it was as awesome as it looked from my couch while wearing yoga pants. ...more
I can't wait either! This will be my 1st BlogHer Food conference and so looking forward to ...more

Dinner Tonight: Pale Ale and Citrus Chicken Breasts

As a result of being trapped by snow and ice this winter, I have been craving the flavors of summer! In particular, I love a good beer can chicken recipe on the grill. As a result, I thought I’d make a run at a winter/indoor version using my favorite Pale Ale; Burning River Pale Ale from the Great Lakes Brewing Company. One bite of the finished product and my husband told me this was the BEST chicken he has ever had in his life! Now, it may have been a combo of him really loving this dish and trying to butter me up, but I know it was a great recipe nonetheless! This chicken turned out flavorful and juicy and had a gorgeous golden hue. It was a winning recipe at our house, especially paired with my Oven-Roasted New Potatoes, which I baked separately and then added for the last few minutes. Of course, be sure to pair this recipe with a pint of Burning River!...more

Traditional Tacos with Tofu "Hamburger"

What could be a more perfect dinner for Cinco de Mayo than traditional tacos with folded corn tortilla shells and all the trimmings? But when this day set aside to celebrate Mexican heritage falls on Meatless Monday, these innovative Traditional Tacos with Tofu "Hamburger" from Letty's Kitchen sound even better. ...more

Last-Minute Fiesta: Nacho Mama's Taco Party

I love to host gatherings at my house.  It gives me an opportunity to really clean my house and show off my limited Rachael Ray-ish party skills  Sure, spending time with family and friends is a bonus but what if you want to host a party with people who relatively strangers?Contrary to popular belief I am not the most outgoing gal, at least not on purpose. Oddly, I worked in the service industry most of my life and could fake it most of the time....more
sounds like a lot of fun AND yummy too!!more

The Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Menu Planner

Cinco de Mayo is on Monday, and you know what that means: It's time to fiesta! Aside from Southern food, Mexican food is my favorite cuisine, so naturally Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays. I'm not typically one to post a roundup for every holiday and occasion. However, I have so many Mexican-inspired recipes here that I just love so much, and I want to help you plan the ultimate menu for the holiday. So whether you are throwing a big blowout or just enjoying some Mexican food at home, I've got you covered. ...more

180-Plus Recipes for Cinco de Mayo: Fish Tacos, Shredded Beef Enchiladas and Margaritas Galore!

Cinco de Mayo is this Monday, so there’s no excuse not to put together a festive meal for friends and family. It’s easy to accommodate a range of diets with the more than 180 recipes featured in the following roundups, including dishes like Fish Tacos, Vegan Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes and, of course, a few fabulous takes on the margarita.  Image: Courtesy of Kalyn’s Kitchen ...more

What's for Dinner, Mom? Or How to Beat the 5 O'Clock Dinner Rush

Do you loathe your OWN 5 O'CLOCK RUSH and the question: "Mom, what's for dinner?" Don't worry, many home cooks feel that exact same way. As a culinary school graduate who then worked in restaurants, hotel and catering kitchens, I learned a simple technique and PRACTICE used by restaurant chefs that enables them to deliver so many different dishes to your table in a small amount of time. ...more

Easy and Elegant Gluten-Free Dessert: Pavlovas with Strawberries

These airy pavlovas are crowned with softly whipped cream and topped with a sweet strawberry balsamic jam. You'll love this pillowy, light baked meringue dessert!  Naturally gluten-free. ...more

Live Below the Line: Wrap-up of Almost Five Days on $1.50 of Food per Day

By the end of day four, I was irrationally angry, basically terrorizing my family, especially my six-year-old son....more
Thank you for your comments.  I was aware and felt uncomfortable about the fact that I was doing ...more

Dinner Tonight: Savory Barbecue Slow Cooker Meatballs

Savory Barbecue Slow Cooker Meatballs are the perfect easy dinner for a busy weekday.  Ingredients...more