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How to Use a Whole Watermelon: Make Granita

It's super fancy looking, so it's perfect to serve to guests, and it's also really easy to make! You can use any fruit--mango, pineapple, peaches, berries --or even make it chocolate. Added bonus, you can make it boozy by adding white rum, vodka or tequila. ...more
YUM!  There's nothing better than watermelon in the summertime!  What a great way to make it ...more

How to Make Raised Doughnuts at Home

How to Make Raised Doughnuts at Home ...more
oooo the best!  Thanks:)more

Falafel Made at Home

One of my all-time favorite meatless recipes has to be falafel, the classic Middle Eastern dish made from balls or patties of seasoned ground chickpeas that are fried and served with a sauce made from yogurt and tahini paste. So naturally when I saw a recipe for Falafel Made at Home on Israeli Kitchen, I immediately asked if I could feature it here for the Meatless Monday fans. ...more
Love it; as I said, probably my favorite meatless meal!more

Homemade Tomato Sauce (With a Secret Ingredient!)

This homemade tomato sauce recipe has a secret ingredient... and it is something you've probably been throwing away! Okay, you're right. Perfect tomatoes are THE MOST IMPORTANT ingredient, but that's no secret. I’ve added a little something else that adds a subtle layer of umami complexity. A Parmesan cheese rind. ...more
ZullyH Thanks for the Pin… and let me know what you think of the recipe. Funny how one little ...more

Celebrate Summer With These 15 Watermelon Recipes

'Tis the season for watermelon, which means it's also the season for posts about watermelons, photos of adorable kids with faces covered in watermelon stickyness, and recipes using watermelon. Yippee for watermelon! Except this year, I was getting the feeling that there might be more watermelon posts than usual—and that watermelon cakes are super-duper hot this year. I thought it was my imagination, but then a co-worker posted a link to a watermelon cake, which led to discussions about watermelon and a ton of Pinterest board surfing. Rather than sit on all of these great watermelon recipes, I figured I'd toss them into a post so you can add some really great recipes to your collection and maybe serve a dish or two that everyone raves about. ...more
You're so right about grilled watermelon--why didn't I think of it before? Thanks for doing a ...more

Try an Exotic Ice Cream Flavor for Summer: Saffron Honey and Orange

The most challenging part of making ice cream is waiting for it to freeze so you can eat it. Or maybe that’s just me. To date I haven’t taken many forays into the world of making ice cream and that is about to change. Assisting me in making the change is OXO. I am totally in love with their brand and highly recommend them. I’m part of team #IceCreamForOXO and received a great set of tools to make us all scream for ice cream. ...more
LulubelleND Saffron Rose Pistachio sounds amazing and I'd love to try it! Let me know if you try ...more

Eat Red, White and Blue With 7 Fourth of July Recipes

It’s that patriotic time of year, and the BlogHer Food community has turned out tons of delicious recipes that celebrate the red, white, and blue. Gussy up your Fourth of July table with a few of these red-, white- and blue-themed recipes. ...more
kidsandartorg hey, we're recommending your msg on #theneeds #ArtCreativity! See ...more

Raw Carrot Cake “Cheese”cake

Warning: this is more like a meal than a dessert. Marco and I were able to polish off our cups, after about an hour of nursing them. You just can't stop eating it once you start....more
I'm so making these!more

Easy Red, White and Blueberry Salad

This Monday kicks off an important holiday week in the U.S., and if you've taken a look at Pinterest lately there's red-white-and-blue food everywhere. To get you in the holiday spirit for the big weekend coming up I thought I'd share my one and only red-white-and-blue recipe for Meatless Monday this week. ...more

Cocktails From the Garden: Strawberry-Tini

“Dance as if no one is watching, sing as if no one is listening, and live every day as if it were your last” ~ an Irish toast It’s official, strawberry season is in full effect!  It seems like every farmer’s market stand and grocery store has a huge display of fresh strawberries as soon as you walk through the door.  Perfectly plump and bursting with flavor, now is the time to be stocking up and enjoying the sweet tastes of this summer fruit. ...more
Looks lovely.  can't wait to try them out soon.more