Free and Quirky Pallet Wood Coffee Table

I finally created my quirky junk-styled pallet wood coffee table I planned for a year or so. The cost? Absolutely free. It's original and handmade from scratch. It is the PERFECT size for our room, and I couldn't be more pleased. Here's how I did it!...more
Nice job of making this look simple through easy to follow steps!  Perfect activity for a ...more

Delicious Ways to Reduce Food Waste

In this day and age, we all do our best to look out for the planet. Whether by recycling our papers, plastics, and cans, using homemade facial products or cleaning solutions, investing in bikes or organizing carpools, or refilling our (BPA free) plastic water bottles, rather than purchasing disposable ones, most of us have incorporated small, eco-conscious efforts into our daily rhythms....more

The Best Homemade Beauty Products for Less

After doing my post on green cleaning, I started thinking about how much money I was saving by not buying commercial cleaning products and how much safer I felt my family was without being exposed to all those chemicals. I started thinking of other ways to cut chemicals and unnatural products out of our lives and decided a great place to start would be some beauty items....more
One benefit I'm interested in that you did not mention is that you are storing your home made ...more

Saving Water in an Apartment Building

My love of recycling/up cycling comes in part from my need to not waste things. I don't like to waste food, paper, gas, scraps of fabric, basically I'm like your Grandma. I re-use cereal boxes! (Remember my business cards?) So, it probably doesn't come as a big surprise that we like to conserve our water! Living in a building certainly makes it trickier, but here our 10 ways we save our H2O....more

Figuring Out How to Go Green at Home

On Monday, you saw the bookcase that I rescued from a life of landfill and turned into my favorite bookcase in the world. This project was so great for a few reasons, not the least of which was becoming acquainted with The Home Depot's updated Eco Options website....more

Scrap Material Project for Kids

Which parent among us hasn't scratched her head wondering what to do for a child's next birthday party, Scout meeting, or club activity? Here's a collection of simple projects that will spur kids' creative juices to flow, save you money as a host, and teach both the value and fun of repurposing....more
@wdolderer Thanks, @wdolderer! I love being able to give kids free rein when they are creating. ...more

Curbside Finds: Bookshelf Makeover

I have a confession: I am a curbside looky-loo.It's a breed of person that slows down their vehicle, possibly holding up traffic, just to see if there's something good on that curb full of unwanted items.  I do this to find a great project for the most part, but often it's because I know that sometimes trash is just treasure waiting for a coat of paint.  I consider it my duty to the Earth to roadside rescue and save those items from the landfill.  Recently, I found a great curbside rescue and wanted to polish it up and take it a step further....more

Growing (and Using!) Your Own Herbs

Gardeners are gamblers. Every year we scatter seeds, stock up on seedlings, amend our soil, water faithfully, cross our green thumbs, close our eyes, and pray for something out there to survive -— all the while knowing that Mother Nature has totally stacked the cards against us. Why? Because we've tasted that delicious homegrown payout, and we crave more. And besides, even if we lose everything this year, we know there's always a chance we can win it all back, and then some, next season....more
So jealous of all the space you have.  I have to cram my veggies and herbs into pots.  But I'm ...more

Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is one of my go-to ingredients when I am looking for an extra boost of flavor. Baked goods get a luxurious upgrade when vanilla is used. When I want to amp up my oatmeal or granola, vanilla extract is the perfect thing. It even seems to make chocolate taste more chocolatey....more
I used Brandy for a richer and stronger tasting vanilla. Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans are ...more

Reject Disposables, Keep the Cash

Do you find yourself frustrated with how much trash your family is generating? Feel the same about how much money you're spending? I'm here to tell you that you can decrease the amount of garbage you produce while also saving money. How? By saying buh-bye to almost all the disposable products in your life. (Okay, perhaps not every disposable product, as I am a huge fan of toilet paper.) ...more
Get some cloth produce bags so you don't have to bring home your produce in plastic bags. I got ...more