36 More BlogHer13 Photos

I was finally able to post in RedOstelinda the rest of the BlogHer13 photos. My suitcase is still in my room, UNPACKED.  I guess I’ll get to it tomorrow.  Have a good Saturday you all!   ...more

Shedding the Baggage and Owning the Catwalk at BlogHer '13

Image Credit: Jasmine Banks, Just JasmineI have always thought of myself as a fat girl.I was the girl who never had a real boyfriend.Who, in spite of outward appearances, never really had a whole lot of confidence in my looks....more
@Linda Anselmi Thank you so much Linda! The reason I wanted to be in the fashion show was ...more

Proud to be a Man of BlogHer

As I drove home from night two of BlogHer I started to cry.I was lucky this year. BlogHer, the largest blogging conference in the country, was hosted in my hometown of Chicago. This meant easy travel from my condo to the conference. Actually, it was kind of a hassle. Sure I saved some dough by not having to spring for a hotel, but I was traveling back and forth at least once a day. Each time I parked it was $36. I had to go home to let the dog out....more

10 things I Didn't Do at BlogHer13

I can’t believe a whole week has already passed since BlogHer13.  I’ve seen dozens of posts on what attendees did and learned at the conference.  I’m going to tell you what I didn’t do instead.10 things I didn’t do at BlogHer 13:...more
I'm a fan of your didn't do list. I'm a big fan of it, actually!   (I'm a NY Pizza girl, too!)more

I Respect Gale Anne Hurd...and I Like Her, Too

I almost skipped Gale Anne Hurd’s keynote. It was early Saturday evening, and I was exhausted not only from being on the go but from being on personally. Just before I crashed onto the super-fluffy Sheraton bed, I discovered that Michelle Burke had tweeted me and asked whether I’d be at Gale’s keynote. And because I can’t resist any of my Aussies, I gave up my nap, put on my trusty red fedora, and darted out the hotel room door.I’m so very glad I went....more
It's a hard lesson to learn. We are all raised to be liked! But I do agree that sometimes it's ...more

More BlogHer13 Fashion Show Photos

See Post# 2 of BlogHer13 fashion show photos.  I also managed to post a handful of the fashion show photos when I arrived from Chicago on Sunday.  Click here to go to that post. Come to RedOstelinda on Friday  for more photos of BlogHer13. ...more

On Finding Myself...at BlogHer

I admit it.  My elevator speech at BlogHer was awful.  I'll show you what I mean.Typically, it went a little something like this:So what do you blog about?...more

The Pioneer Woman at BlogHer '13: On Being a Blogger, Writer, Photographer, & Mother

After taking the stage Friday morning, Ree looked nervously at the wide open stage space, hovering to one side, as she jokingly pleaded for her long time gal pals and BlogHer founders, to not leave her alone. Ree wasn’t afraid to appear vulnerable, telling us, “I am not a public speaker, folks,” and winning the audience over by publicly declaring her Spanx discomfort. At that very moment, I too sat squirming in Spanx, and I suspect Ree would have been overwhelmed by the show of Spanx solidarity, if only she had queried the audience. ...more
@SharonRobinson  I am not Ree however I do remember when she wrote a post about her favorite ...more

Things I Overheard at BlogHer 2013

I attended BlogHer again this year, and I was not disappointed.  I learned a lot including the fact Queen Latifah has some rocking biceps and Wendi McLendon-Covey is even funnier in person.  (As if that was possible.)I took quite a bit away from the conference, including some great swag bags and a few embarrassing pictures I will promptly burn. In addition to those, I took away memories of a great time and great friends. ...more
I'm pretty sure I said one or two of those sentences.    Hehmore

An Introvert Goes to BlogHer

So anyone who follows me on social media knows I was at the BlogHer Conference since last Wednesday. Come on, I know you all saw this:...more
I never get enough sleep at BlogHer. Never. And then I come home and sleep a WHOLE BUNCH for ...more