BlogHer '13: The Good, The Bad, The Brands

This past weekend was BlogHer ‘13 in Chicago. If you have not heard of it, this is the largest conference for primarily female bloggers in the USA and has been happening for several years now. This was my fourth year attending. Last year I was a bit critical of BlogHer ‘12 and honestly I did not think I would go this year, but in the end I did and I was happy to see improvements....more I know - how did we miss each other? ACK! Next time we will have to set an ...more

10 Bloggers Share Their BlogHer '13 Experiences

You know what? Bloggers sure do write a lot. So what do bloggers do after a blogging conference like BlogHer '13? They write. A lot. We've been reading everything, following along with the collective post-conference sigh of exhaustion. Today we bring you 10 posts that encapsulate different aspects of what this conference meant to different individuals. I always say that two people can go to all of the same sessions and parties and keynotes and come away with two very different experiences. Let's see what these ten attendees had to say about their time in Chicago. ...more
Ahh, so happy for the roundup (and for those to come). I loved BlogHer12 so much I was worried ...more

10 Things I Learned at BlogHer '13

I got back home late Saturday night after three whirlwind days in Chicago where I saw none of the city, other than the fabulous view outside my hotel window, but did have a front row seat to dozens of amazing and inspiring speakers at BlogHer13. Herewith, a report of what I now know: ...more
Excellent lessons! Especially no. 10. It would be easy to be completely intimidated by the ...more

Best Quotes From the BlogHer '13 Sessions

I'm like Jenny Chiu of Mommy Nani Booboo -- I just can't quit BlogHer '13 quite yet (go watch the video and come back -- so funny!). So I've been reading the panel transcriptions, and just had to share the nuggets of wisdom I've come across so far. BlogHers floor me every year -- so smart, prepared, powerful, willing to share. Read on for my favorite quotes. I'll be adding more as I find them, and stay tuned: We should also be getting the presentations attached to these transcriptions by next week. ...more
Oh, this is fantastic. There were so many sessions I couldn't get to because they overlapped ...more

What I Learned at BlogHer

Last week, I attended #BlogHer13 in Chicago, IL.What did I learn at BlogHer? Lots. Last year, I was a newbie at BlogHer in NYC. Having attended once before definitely helped me to have an overall more productive and engaging experience at my second BlogHer. Here is a quick summary of what I learned at BlogHer, and why I’ll go to BlogHer next year....more

Celebrate The Day

Although each day can be a special day, you seem to have difficulty understanding this. You have the opportunity to live your dreams and reach your goals, but somehow you awake dragging your feet.There are so many reasons to celebrate, but sometimes coming up with just one seems to challenge you. You question what makes one day more special than another. But what if you only had  this one day and no other, what a blessing it would be. You would cherish each moment, for another opportunity to be with the people you love and care for....more

You Went To BlogHer '13 and All I Got Was a Ton of Free Lube?

BlogHer 2013.  What is it? Kate made this darling badge.  I heart Kate....more

First Thoughts, Post-BlogHer '13

I am now safely ensconced in my seat on a crowded Amtrak train, somewhat wistfully leaving Chicago following an incredible few days that flew by all too quickly - days of spending quality time with friends old and new, taking part in the amazing experience that was BlogHer '13, and scratching the surface of the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of a new-to-me city. ...more

Traveling to BlogHer '13 Was a Journey I Needed to Make

I sat down in the cab taking me away from the Chicago Sheraton and the BlogHer '13 Conference, and I wanted to cry. Those tears that are a crazy mixture of sadness, exhaustion, emotional overload, happiness, and even gratitude. The tears that come after an intense, overwhelming, and amazing experience. When you are tired and inspired all at once. ...more
@JennaHatfield @Sarah Rudell Beach Absolutely agree with you, Jenna!  SO beautifully written ...more