BlogHer Conference Update -- May 24, 2013

Happy Friday and Memorial Day weekend (for us here in the US). It's a time for family, friends and reflection. And speaking of reflecting, let's take a look back at the past few days here in conference world......more

Check Out Our BlogHer Food '13 Sponsors!

It's hard to believe that BlogHer Food '13 is just a few short weeks away! The BlogHer Events Team has been hard at work with final preparations for the conference, and our sponsors have too. As always they've got some great things in store for you....more
@Elisa Camahort  It was seriously good. Their lentil coconut curry is also ...more

BlogHer Conferences Are Coming Up: What You're Writing

As we speed through the month of May, the fact that BlogHer Conference season is right around the bend can no longer be ignored. Our attendees and speakers have been writing and sharing in their own spaces -- about their excitement, their fears, their panels, their aspirations for their conference experience. We've been following along, but we also want others -- attendees and those not able to attend this year -- to follow along to so you can "meet" each other ahead of time....more

BlogHer Food '13 Important Travel Information!

Hello Newbies! Welcome to the Food-y Conference Post that contains helpful links and notes for your travel to BlogHer Food ’13 in Austin....more

BlogHer Conference Update -- May 11, 2013

Welcome to the weekend and Mother's Day! We've been busy working on BlogHer Food '13 and BlogHer '13 and here are some of the major highlights: ...more

Bats and Brats! 6th BlogHer Food '13 Friday Night Excursion!

Have you heard about the bats in Austin? They live under the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge, and just as Ann Richards was a force of nature, so are these bats! It's estimated that there are 750,000 to 1.5 million bats at the height of "bat season." Nope, I didn't know there was a bat season either! But that's when we'll be in Austin for BlogHer Food '13. Around sunset, these bats take off to go get their food (insects, yum!) and with all of them in flight, it looks like a black cloud emerging from the bridge. ...more

Join us for Vegan Vittles, Another Friday Night Excursion at BlogHer Food '13

Join The Blissful Chef (also known as Christy Morgan) and ATX Vegan Drinks at the Austin vegan bar Cheer Up Charlie's where you can rub elbows with local vegans, enjoy fancy drinks or local kombucha, and eat from two of the most...more

BlogHer Food Interviews: The Next Level of Twitter & Facebook

If you've been in the food blogging sphere for awhile, you might be asking yourself how to find what's next, how to keep improving both your blog and your social media space. If so, The Next Level of Twitter and Facebook panel at BlogHer Food '13 is for you. I asked the panelists a question about what that might mean -- that next level: Your panel is entitled “The Next Level of Facebook & Twitter.” Could you please explain what *you* think that means for attendees? What is YOUR next level?...more
For me, writing is easy. Social media, not so much.  I think the instinct to write comes from ...more


‘Ali?’ she whispered. Nothing. ‘Spencer?’Inside, Hanna and Emily rubbed their eyes. ‘I just had theweirdest dream,’ Emily said. ‘I mean, I guess it was a dream.It was really quick. Alison fell down this really deep well,and there were all these giant plants.’‘That was my dream too!’ Hanna said.‘It was?’ Emily asked.Hanna nodded. ‘Well, kind of. There was a big plant in it.And I think I saw Alison too. It might’ve been her shadow –but it was definitely her.’‘Whoa,’ Emily whispered. They stared at each other, theireyes wide....more

BlogHer Food Interviews: Video Bootcamp #1 - Equipment & Gear

This week's BlogHer Food '13 speaker interview revolves around the world of video. I asked the speakers from the Video Bootcamp #1: Equipment and Gear panel this question: Other than a video camera of some sort, what’s one piece of gear that you suggest to anyone looking to get into video for their blogs?...more