Spring has Sprung

After an extremely wet and dreary winter I am very grateful that a new season has arrived. Hello, Spring! The increased sunshine and drier weather (here’s hoping) will be a very welcome change. I snapped this photo during spring break while walking in a local park. There is nothing prettier than all of the trees blooming, adding shades of pink to the sea of greens....more

Stop Wishing To Be Enlightened So You Can Peacefully Live the Life You Have

I love inspirational stories. I love to read books about how others found the path to accepting themselves and embracing their journeys. It ignites a craving inside me. I want that too! So I follow their tips & techniques. I meditate. I question my thoughts. I spend time in nature. I adjust my diet. Everything they did, I try, because I want what they have!...more

The Curious Case of Container Space

Why is it that most men, who theoretically have better spatial reasoning than women, seem to have difficulty choosing an appropriately sized container to hold dinner remnants?  My evidence is anecdotal, the pool of specimens I have observed being a delightful, admittedly narrow swathe of men with whom I have had the good pleasure of being acquainted.  Even so, small data set or not, I have seen the same progression of events at the close of a shared meal with invariable regularity....more

NaBloPoMo 2013: My favourite day of the week


Sleep Deprivation and a Dirty House

One of my very favorite things to do is read. I tend towards spurts. Meaning I can go weeks without reading and then I'll go weeks without stopping. I am currently coming out of a "spurt without stopping." Spurts of that sort result in sleep deprivation, a pile of TV to watch, and a dirty house. I believe it's totally worth it....more

The Sky (Oh, Wait, It's Just The Ceiling) Is Falling!


It's soggy. But it's home.

This is my first post. I feel drawn to blogging because I am thinking that maybe if I write down all the bizarre things that happen in this tragi-comedy that is my life, it will make more sense. Get this: currently, I am sitting at my ailing, ancient (circa 2002) iMac with slightly damp feet because the water heater in  a closet in my apartment burst yesterday (or so I thought). ...more


Yesterday we went to the Folklife Festival at the National Mall. We decided to go before the sweltering hot days of July get here. It was fun. We had Bhutanese food and enjoyed the exhibits. ...more

Expecting the Unexpected

Today an AC technician finally made it to the house to check our unit. I have been trying to get our brand new AC fixed for two weeks. I was stood up twice, almost three times, but he finally made it. There is something about strangers in the house and the girl wanting their attention, or maybe not so much wanting their attention, but just getting "creative" in what she does to amuse herself. To read full content please visit my blog at http://4everamommy.blogspot.com ...more

The Fragility of Naps

Don't get me wrong. The girl is a great napper. Sometimes they happen at 11:00 AM sometimes they happen at 4:00 PM (depending on whether I've been out running around doing errands). The point is that she'll eventually take her nap and sometimes they could last 3 hours. However, I've discovered that toddler naps are very fragile. You can't mess with them too much when they are in progress. To read full post please visit my blog http://4everamommy.blogspot.com     ...more