Help for young women who want to get SANE about food!

I'm happy to introduce, a site and organization for girls and young women who overeat or have weight issues, started by Sunny Sea Gold, the health articles editor at Glamour magazine (and former binge-eater). Get help, support, tips, and a little bit of food sanity, whether you have a problem with emotional eating, dieting, bingeing or are just confused about what Healthy Girls eat!...more

Hey Sen. Kyl: Maternity Care MATTERS

I curse and yell "PATRIARCHY!" a whole lot, but today I went through the roof and my screams got a bit louder. Why? Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona. Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona and how he is seemingly no friend to mothers across this country. From Talking Points Memo: ...more

. . .or more women, even those at high risk of complications, would birth at home. Which, as ...more

Why does urban India still need no-men zones?

Talk to any Indian woman about travel and transportation in India, and she will have a story to tell; of cat-calls, bottom pinches, lewd gestures and remarks, molestation -- everything that can make living or traveling by yourself feel like a risky enterprise. More so in urban centers, where more and more women are working and living alone. ...more

Megan, that's exactly what I meant when I said for many men, women's emancipation has meant ...more

Ten Push-ups for Command Sgt. Maj. Teresa L. King

September 22, the first day of autumn of 2009, saw another first: Command Sgt. Maj. Teresa L. King was appointed first female head of the Army drill sergeant school in Ft. Jackson, SC. Meloukhia at this ain't livin' wrote, "Congratulations are in order for Sergeant Major Teresa L. King... Seriously, people, go read about her, she’s amazing." Here's an excerpt of what the New York Times had to say: ...more

Work-Life Balance is Good for your Health -- Wish I'd Had Some When the Kids Were Little

The better our workplace, the healthier we are.  That's not just a theory, it's a fact, part of a massive study conducted by the Families and Work Institute and released Tuesday.  (Full disclosure: the head of FWI, Ellen Galinsky, is an old friend, and her colleague on the release, Morra Aarons-Mele, is both a BlogHer Contributing Editor and a friend)  The information, though, is not shocking.  Employees in an "effective workplace" are heathier (including ...more

Dylan Ratigan's Women's Time

I was feeling better about my neck. I went to a physical therapist about the neck pain I’d been experiencing. So a few days ago, I was distracting myself by watching Dylan Ratigan’s “Morning Meeting” on MSNBC while I practiced the boring exercise regimen Melissa, my therapist, prescribed. Ten reps three times for each exercise holding light hand weights as I hang over the bed. ...more

Caster Semenya's on Suicide Watch: What If She Were Your Child?

What if this were your child, champion South African runner Caster Semenya? ...more

Caster's story shows us how cruel and competitive people can be.

She is an athlete, that is ...more

Feminist Blogging Project 2009

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Planned Parenthood: Using the Internet for Better Reproductive Health in the US

"We have a reproductive health care crisis, and we need to do something about it," Tom Subak, Vice President for Online Services at Planned Parenthood, told me when I visited their office last week. "One in four women has an STD, and one in two African American women has an STD." ...more

Serena Williams: A defense of angry women on and off the court

by Adria Quinones ...more