Gender Differences: Socially Conditioned and Reinforced through the Media

Sharon Begley is my hero. Begley is a senior editor and science writer at Newsweek magazine. In column after column, she debunks junk evolutionary psychology "science" and other theories that insist that gender differences are 100% hard wired. Back in June 2009, Begley wrote "Why Do We Rape, Kill and Sleep Around?," which thoroughly trashed an evolutionary psychology theory that it is in human (male) genes to rape because 100,000 years ago: ...more
Glosswitch BBCr4today apparently not. They are now hailing this as the first time such data has ...more

Millionaire Women Next Door Parents


Sex Feels So Good

Year after year, my girlfriends were my salvation."---Carrie Bradshaw ...more

Poetry Friday: Standing up for Louise Glück

by Laura Baudo Sillerman ...more

Caster Semenya: Questionable Gender

Every morning for the last two weeks I've checked for updates about middle-distance runner Caster Semenya. This afternoon, there is an update. News reports all over the world are calling Caster Semenya a hermaphrodite. ...more
@sassymonkey Lorrie thinks that might cause some problems because he can spring more when he ...more

Cleaning Up Gender Stereotypes in Paper Towel Ads

Over Labor Day weekend, I attended a wedding in California. While killing time in the hotel room, my husband turned on the fancy flat panel TV. I watched a commercial depicting a man and woman in their airy, sunlit kitchen. The man turned to the woman and said that he could not wait to start saving money by using their new cappuccino machine. On cue, the machine shoots coffee into the man's cup. He then sticks it under the frothing attachment. Uh oh! ...more

Black Male Journalist Tells Black Women to "Get Real".....Again

Jimi Izrael is one smart M#$%f%^&er. Wasn't that provocative? did I grab your attention? After all, on the blogopshere, there are now millions of blogs and websites that are clamoring for your attention. People post shocking and to some, controversial topics to get page views and for those who depend on the 'Net to butter their bread, advertising dollars. ...more

hey Laina.  nice reading about your personal experiences as a single black woman and how ...more

The Waitrose Effect

When my twin boys were tiny, and opportunities for any emotion other than ‘impending doom’ or ‘actual doom’ were equally as tiny, I discovered I could change the course of a whole day with a trip to Waitrose. While the journey from home to store was often fraught with danger and disease (to a certain extent…) once inside the nicest supermarket in the world I was safe and ready for action. And swiftly it came. ...more

On Healthcare, Older Women in Tightest Bind

by Chris Lombardi It's been a summer of shouting about health care, and health insurance. Now, with President Obama about to address the issue to a joint session of Congress, some new studies — one by a nonprofit think tank, one from the federal Department of Health and Human Services — suggest that for older women, the outcome of all this debate matters more than most. ...more

Straight Talk from Coaches on the Edge

elizabeth: I guess I don’t have a thing for labels. ...more