BlogHer Business Conference '07: Call for speakers and sessions

News flash: Your business might not need a blog. Now that I've got your attention, I'm happy to announce that we are ready to get started programming BlogHer Business '07 this coming March in New York. Please check out the new BlogHer Business '07 page that explains why business is the first topic BlogHer Conferences is branching into. ...more

Thanks Marianne. I don't think we got to connect at Blogher this summer, but hopefully we can ...more

Breaking News: BlogHer Moves East in 2007

Some of you may have heard the rumors. Some of you may have even found the official press release we put out on the wire when the BlogHer '06 Conference kicked off on Friday. But I hope there are still a few BlogHers out there for whom this is actually news: ...more

This might be good to do for Photoshop & Dreamweaver too. Maybe as a Q & A session where a few ...more