Swag Whore: Part The Deux

Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking. "Is she ever going to shut the f*** up about BlogHer?" The answer is, of course, yes. After this post. I promise. But you know how I lie. However, hang on, this post is fun. This post will show you the swag. And you all know how you love swag. The collective swag is below: ...more

BlogHer 07: Business Cards!

I have come home from BlogHer with a stack of business cards, the like of which I have never seen in my life. Business cards at BlogHer are a very different thing than average business cards. They aren't just your contact details. They're your spirit, your personality. They're marketing tools. They're a way to express yourself. They are seriously, seriously fun. Here are the cards I got at BlogHer. ...more

Everyday chic: Nancy Mernit Soriano

I want to dispel three common misconceptions about getting dressed: 1. "Stylish" is synonymous with "expensive." 2. "Comfortable" and "fashionable" are mutually exclusive terms. 3. "Personal style" is an oxymoron. Not ONE of those things is true. Inexpensive clothes CAN be stylish, comfortable clothes CAN look terrific, and personal style is alive and well and hanging out at BlogHer '07, where I spent three days stopping complete strangers to ask where they got their shoes. All for you, of course. ...more

I think that the top and bottom of the outfit are adorable, but the leggings kill me and make me ...more

BlogHers Act: Next steps

"It is amazing what a a woman and her friends can do." Out of this incredible, intense and mobilizing weekend, it feels like the wind of the windy city is at all of our backs as we move forward on the BlogHers Act initiative to make a difference on global health over the next 12 months. To re-cap, look here over the next few days for: ...more

Ah, there are so many worthy causes in need of our attention and ACTION.

As a cancer ...more

UPDATED VIDEO: Invite from Elizabeth Edwards: Ask your question, she'll answer here

UPDATE: Katy Chen, BlogHer's videoblogger for the 2007 conference, has uploaded most of Elizabeth Edwards' responses to the questions asked in Chicago on Saturday, July 28. Please see the bottom of this post for embedded links. You're invited to ask Elizabeth Edwards a question in the comments below. ...more

Hi Elizabeth,

I have a Master's in Public Administration and spent the last ten years working ...more

Elizabeth Edwards is live in Chicago and Second Life


> This is a great example of why it was important to come to
> SL and practiice, learn the ...more

Politics: We Always End Up Talking About Hillary, Don't We?

I’m at the BlogHer 2007 breakout session that’s titled Politics: Earn Our Votes: What Questions Do Women Bloggers Want Candidates to Answer in Election 2008? ...more

Liveblog: Multimedia Lab on Videoblogging at BlogHer 07

Update: Here's the post-session handout provided by the Multimedia Lab crew. ...more

Swag Whore

I arrived at BlogHer with a suitcase and a laptop wheelie bag. I am leaving BlogHer so far with a suitcase, a laptop wheelie bag, a BlogHer swag bag containing a leather box with toiletries, CDs, a potholder (?), a memory stick, lip balm, journal, and more. I also have a new AOL green laptop bag, a Blogger t-shirt, a scrapblog t-shirt, a scrapblog onesie (I couldn't resist!), Yahoo! paper clips, Yahoo! jellybeans, countless pens, postcards, stickers, bracelets, buttons and business cards. Read more at ThreeSeven ...more

We actually have some extra large duffle bags that ...more

Book to Blog and Back Again at BlogHer 07

Blog to Book and Back Again Day Two of BlogHer 07 began with a standing-room-only panel, Book to Blog and Back Again. The panel included Gina Trapani, whose blog and book lifehacker.com is a huge hit; Ariel Meadow Stallings, author of the cool book and blog Offbeat Bride; and literary agent Kate Lee offering a publisher's perspective. Denise Wakeman of the Blog Squad moderated the panel. ...more