BlogHer '07 Rocks!

I just wanted to let everyone know that if you couldn't make the BlogHer '07 conference, you need to plan ahead for '08! I've had a fantastic time interacting with all the other women (and men, too!) here at BlogHer '07. BlogHer has done a fantastic job of not only arranging quality presentations and bringing in the very best exhibitors (who, I have to say, are incredibly generous with all the swag they are passing out--it's like trick-or-treating!), but also creating opportunities for all of us to get together and socialize. ...more

Second Life Panel: Journalism in Second Life

At 10:30 Chicago time (8:30 SLT), I'll be moderating a panel on Covering the News in Second Life with a fascinating and eclectic group of speakers. Journalism is a burgeoning activity in Second Life, which has become a growing source of hard news and controversy and real-world consequences. ...more

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Watch these videoblogs from BlogHer '07

I'm happy to introduce Katy Chen, who is videoblogging BlogHer Conference '07. Katy somehow managed to be everywhere on Day One of BlogHer '07. Here's a viewer guide to her vlogs -- and I encourage anyone else who vlogged the day to link their pieces below. Thanks! BlogHer07 Welcome! Why are you at BlogHer 07? Favorite Day 1 BlogHer Sessions ...more

These are great Lisa! (Katy's YouTube links The audio ...more

Food Photography session at BlogHer 07

Foodies and other BlogHer 07 attendees: Join us Saturday 7-28 for a luscious panel on Food Photography at 2:45pm in Room 325. Beatrice Peltre and Lara Ferroni, and yours truly as moderator will cover everything you need to know to create mouthwatering photographs for your blog. ...more

Privacy, Exposure, Risk

When I began my blog, I only used my first name and mentioned that I live in New York City. I figured that there were probably thousands of Suzannes living in New York, and I'd be fine. My fear was less about being harassed than about my employer reading my nutty ramblings (even though they had nothing to do with my job) and deciding that my services were no longer needed. Over time, I realized that the powers that be at my work didn't know what blogging was, and if I wanted a writing career I would need to use my name, so I did. ...more

My full name isn't anywhere on my blog, but it's not that difficult to figure it out. I'm pretty ...more

Get Ready for Earn Our Votes: Questions and conversation starters

Updated: Now that Cooper and Emily have kicked off our spirit of activism with the unveiling of BlogHers Act's global issue, I want to remind both BlogHer conference attendees and site visitors that tomorrow at 10:30 am, the BlogHer community begins to develop its voter manifesto for 2008. If you're planning to attend the session, here are some "thought starters": questions from BlogHer members and YouTube video submitters to get your thoughts churning. Thanks to Val Jones and Zoe Chafe for helping to put these together. ...more

Although it could be viewed as shameless promotion for Craig Crawford's new book, The Politics ...more

Blogher: Off the record session 3PM Saturday

We're still getting email from people who would like to attend the Off the record: Sex & Relationships blogging meet up at Blogher. If you are a sex and or relationship blogger, if you are interested in discussing authentic voice and personal journeys and privacy and protecting your privacy this session is for you. We ask you let us know you want to attend so you can agree to support the confidentiality of this session. ...more

Susan Mernit, Susan Mernit's Blog

Join us on ...more

BlogHers Act:making a world of difference on...GLOBAL HEALTH!!!

The global initiative you all voted on for BlogHers Act was just announced and it is...Global Health! We are ready to get to work, if you are at the conference, please come to our session at 4:30 today, or leave a comment below on what you would like to see done, or what you can do for this initiative!!! More soon - off to "speed dating" for bloggers!" ...more

It woud be so great if that could happen. We hope it does. We totally agree!more

Live from the (virtual) BlogHer Conference in Second Life!

This is amazing. Although in reality, I am at home, in bed, in pain (and in my pajamas), I am still able to attend the BlogHer Conference virtually using this program called Second Life. They’re streaming audio this morning while the attendees sit in chairs. Soon we will get up and walk around and “talk” to each other, making connections and renewing friendships that we’ve made through blogging. I am so enamoured with this technology. ...more

Guide to live-blogging from BlogHer '07

If you couldn't be at BlogHer in Chicago or in Second Life, but want to follow along with every session, you can do so by clicking to our volunteer live-blogger links below. And if you live-blogged from BlogHer '07 please add your links in the comments, or accept our invitation to blog it right here. Here's the tag we're encouraging everyone to use so that we can find your live blog posts, photos, audiocasts and videos: blogher07. Enjoy! (On-site and need conference info? Start here. ...more

Not exactly live, but I posted on some of the sessions I ...more