Got great photos from BlogHer07? Share them with Slide.

Want a quick way show fun photos or slide shows on your blog during BlogHer07? I generally fire mine off to Flickr, but what if you don't have a Flickr account? Here's something cool and free. ...more

I hadn't thought about using it for instruction. I'll have to try it out for ...more

FINALLY blogher t-shirts

I have finally had my bowl of coffee ice cream for breakfast (serious and sad!) and I am sitting down to tell you guys some GREAT news. Too many CAPS? Sorry, I am excited. blogher t-shirts are now available at There is a great variety this year and they won't break the bank. Go check them out! ...more

I will be making up a store on as well, they have WAY more size choices. Watch this ...more

Updated: You in Ten Seconds: Join the BlogMe2007 Meme

They're ba-a-a-a-ck: The wonder women who brought us BlogMe last year have returned with another great meme for BlogHers to meet each other. And so, once again I say: You. Need. This. Button. Whether you're going to BlogHer '07 or not. There are more than 13,000 women on this site who want to know you, girl. ...more

I'm a freelance writer and editor who until recently thought I had absolutely no talent in the ...more

BlogHer Conference '07: So Much To Do!

Beyond all the programming goodness going on at the conference (Day One, Day Two, and in Second Life), there are a whole lot of "extras" and activities we want to be sure you're aware of. Many of these extras are sponsor-related, and we think they're pretty cool. For instance, did you know that you can earn $200 at BlogHer just for telling one of our sponsors what you think of them? ...more

I thought nothing could top seeing Elizabeth Edwards and Amy Sedaris...but you've added Chloe ...more

On blogging, hate speech, Election '08 and life: What are your questions for Elizabeth Edwards?

If you could ask Blogger Elizabeth Edwards anything, what would it be? Because you can. In ten days, Edwards takes the stage at BlogHer '07 in the final keynote discussion of this year's conference. She and I will talk for a few minutes and then we'll open up the microphones for a room-wide conversation. For those of us who cannot be there in person, I'd love to ask your question and credit you and your blog if the conversation goes in your direction. All you need to do is list your question below. In a year when social media is dominating both the run-up to the 2008 American Presidential Election and world news, Elizabeth Edwards stands out in the pack of political newsmakers as the one who doesn’t just “get” the Internet – she uses it. She blogs for husband John Edwards' 2008 presidential campaign, and comments regularly. Whether or not you like Mrs. Edwards’ politics – and let me re-confirm immediately that BlogHer is a non-partisan organization – she has embraced the Web, using it to make an enormous amount of news in the past six months, some of it quite personal, some of it strategic and political. Here’s a sampling, including some of her own posts: ...more

I would ask her:
- As a woman, what are her main criteria for initiating dialogue between ...more

Empowering social activities by making podcasts & releasing songs on iTunes!

I'm a panelist on the Audio segment of the Advanced Multimedia Lab session at BlogHer. I'm an audio and video podcaster from Japan. I've been so lucky to have chances to talk about how to use podcasting for social activities as one of the active podcasters. I make auido/video podcasts to encourage volunteer organizations and eco activisties. I also have my songs on iTunes, and the income will be donation for orphans in Asian countires. ...more

Hot Opportunity: Are you America's Next Top Podcast? Apply NOW

I'm a panelist on the Audio segment of the Advanced Multimedia Lab session at BlogHer. The Deal: We're going to makeover one lucky podcasters podcast using no- to low-cost tools to show just how easy it is to spiff up your podcast. We'll also help you develop your own 'podcast treatment' to help with the flow of your podcast and we'll 'remix' the audio to make it sound top-notch! ...more

The BlogHer Open Space Sunday

I am looking forward to facilitating the Open Space on Sunday July 29th at Chicago City Centre Hotel. For those of you new to Open Space or unconferences I wanted to let you know what to expect. In many ways this is like any other conference - there will be very talented people with a lot to offer. The main difference is that the agenda is created live the day the event happens. If you have a desire to speak, present lead a discussion - this is your chance - everyone can. You can post proposed topics on this wiki page. Here is how it will work (click on the see more to get the whole picture). ...more

Thanks so much for doing this. I've been to a PodCamp and am eager to see how this process ...more

BlogHer '07: Time and space are running out!

It is time to sound the clarion call: Time and space are running out to register for BlogHer '07, so it is time for action!! Registration officially closes at 9PM Monday July 23rd (that's Pacific time.) But space is also running out, particularly for the BlogHer OpenSpace on Sunday the 29th at the Chicago City Center, which is, by design, a more intimate event. ...more

BlogHers Act: Time to vote, Canada!

Time to vote on Canada! BlogHers Act Canada has their survey up, and between now and midnight, Sunday, July 22nd, you can vote on the issues the BlogHers Act Canadian bloggers want to get behind and make a difference on for the next 12 months. ...more