Last year, Sandy from the food blog "Eat Real" noticed that November was the invisible month tucked between October's Halloween and December's Christmas. She resolved to change that.
Last month was a month devoted to promoting awareness about what Down Syndrome REALLY is. About how amazing people with that little extra chromosome are. About how we’ve spent centuries treating them as if they can’t do anything simply because they do it more slowly & deliberately. Because they look different than neurotypical people. But they’re showing us “normal” people every day that they can do far, far more than we know.
Advertising slogans are supposed to state the main benefits of the brand. Good slogans, make that great slogans, have a distinct personality of their own and are  hard to forget. Scotland used to have such a slogan. It was,"Scotland, the Best Small Country in the World."
By Zandria
Whether you're single, married, or somewhere in-between, there are a lot of women out there who want to take care of their bodies. One woman who has succeeded in doing that is fitness expert Jillian Michaels. She spoke at an AOL Body-sponsored lunch event at last week's BlogHer '07, where she led a diet and fitness Q&A session. I put my name on the list the day before the event because I recognized her name; I thought it might be an interesting lunch diversion in-between the other sessions I would be attending.
At BlogHer 07, Project Runway's second season winner, Chloe Dao, says she wants to vlog and see women realize their own personal style.
Beyond all the programming goodness going on at the conference (Day One, Day Two, and in Second Life), there are a whole lot of "extras" and activities we want to be sure you're aware of. Many of these extras are sponsor-related, and we think they're pretty cool. For instance, did you know that you can earn $200 at BlogHer just for telling one of our sponsors what you think of them?
Skeletons, old prom dresses, 50 pairs of shoes...we all have closets full of stuff. As you ready your avatar for the BlogHer '07 conference in Second Life, think of your "inventory" as your virtual closet.
BlogHer '07 in Second Life it taking off!!! Is your avatar flying with us, or still stuck on the ground??
Emily Williams from Topix was one of our Experts during the Ask the Experts session at BlogHer Business this past March. Emily compiled the top tips she felt came up over and over during her discussions with the folks that came by her table, and emailed them to me. Check them out: