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What Vaginal Steam Baths Are Really Like: An OB/GYN Weighs In

You gotta love Gwyneth Paltrow. She's always so ahead of the curve when it comes to things like cooking. And conscious uncoupling. And parenting. And vaginal steam baths. ...more
I find it very counterintuitive to learn that the two herbs that the author mentioned that are ...more

I'm Not an Idiot: Measles Outbreak, Vaccine Debates, and Your Name-Calling

When it comes to the vaccination debate, I don't usually "go there." I feel like we are all trying to inform ourselves make the best decisions for our families in a world full of misinformation brought to us by people more interested in power and money than the health of the general public. ...more
But see, you're choosing (and I use the word "choosing" here loosely) not to vaccinate based on ...more

How to Lose the Pregnancy Weight

As a fitness fanatic, one of the hardest aspects of pregnancy for me was the weight gain. Regardless of exercising four to six days a week and eating the healthiest I ever had in my life, I still packed on a hell of a lot more weight than what is considered "normal." ...more

My Daughter Asks Why 'American Idol' Contestants Are Judged on Their Looks

On Saturday night I let the kids stay up a little later. We were all kind of lazy and didn't feel like playing a game so we thought we might watch a movie. But it was past 8:30 p.m. and too late to start a movie, so instead I decided to check out the DVR to see what we had waiting for us. ...more

How Do You Feel About Maternal Assisted C-Section?

An Australian mother to nine children took an active role during the c-section birth of her 10th and 11th children. After doctors cut open Gerri Wolfe, 41, she reached down to her lower abdomen and pulled out her twin daughters, Matilda and Violet. Image: BeautifulFreaks The so-called "maternal assisted cesarean section" was all a part of the plan, but only after Wolfe convinced doctors at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, New South Wales, to step back and let her do the actual delivery. ...more

The Playlist that Pulled Me Through Cancer Treatment and Recovery

It’s weird when the music you love stops sounding good to you. It’s happened to me before, once after a terrible breakup, and once during an awful day job, writing adventure travel brochures for the elderly. The breakup ruined The Band’s entire discography for me, and the copywriting gig ruined Tina Turner’s greatest hits. It’s been years, and I still can’t get through “Up on Cripple Creek” or “Simply the Best” without breaking into a cold sweat. ...more

6 Ways My Standing Desk Is Making My Life Better

My job is killing me! And making me feel like a hippopotamus. At least that's what all the recent research is showing. ...more
Just curious, how high is the surface of your standing desk? I am setting up new office space ...more

21 Quotes to Help You Survive Infertility

Each week I interview men and women who are infertility survivors. I'm amazed and inspired by the insight and advice they share, and every now and then, I like to put the best pieces of wisdom all in one spot. A few months ago I shared 34 Infertility Quotes, but I've interviewed 21 more people since then. So here's the best of my most recent interviews. Enjoy! ...more

5 Plank Variations to Add to Your Workout

One thing my readers ask me often is as a busy entrepreneur and mother, "Are there exercises that can be done in a few minutes, that actually make a difference?" Yes, there are! I love planks! Talk about a full body workout, in a few minutes. You may know planks for their core transforming powers, but did you know that you can work your whole body as well. From your shoulders to your legs, planks can transform your body, and you only need a few minutes because the variations are challenging and result producing. ...more
MrsMuffinTop lol, you can bookmark at the end of your browser too! Thanks for reading...more

Surround Yourself With the Right People to Meet Your Health Goals

Each of these people motivates and encourages me and supports me in some way. I owe a huge amount of my success to the people that I have surrounded myself with. And this is something that is not just related to my success as a runner. It applies to every aspect of my life. The company you keep and the people you surround yourself with make all the difference in the world, so it's important to choose carefully! ...more
BaxStar23 Thanks!  It really does make a huge difference in your success!more