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Healthy Eating or New Eating Disorders

It's amazing what the internet has enabled people to do. We can just all go online and share our opinions, our work and get approval or even money from it. That is where now we have a problem, while there are genuine people out there just trying to reach a bigger audience to show their talent or work or business there are way too many people taking advantage of the majority.There are so many people out there who are self proclaimed nutritionists and dietitians who are advocating for some crazy diets....more

The other N-Word people are afraid to say

 “Care about people’s approval and you will be their prisoner.”  ~ Lao Tzu...more

Don't Give it Away

Your body knows it before your mind. Something is just not right. You've spent the evening with an old friend and you're glad the night is over. You've felt this way before but you've ignored it. She interrupts you, and doesn't listen. She is headstrong ...more

Why I feel like crying, big and small

Photo Credit, here The little boy who washed ashore, trying to escape violence and fear with his family. ...more

Dignity and Grace

Cancer is not a dignified disease.  You would think that something so insidious, so terrible would allow a person a modicum of dignity, or at least an approximation of  it.  It's the least that cancer can do, you might think, to allow a person to suffer the pain, the misery, and the possible impending death with the sort of grace that they show in the movies. You would be wrong. ...more

Buying a slow cooker {A Three Things Thursday Post}

Dinner time would be a disaster at my house if it weren't for my slow cooker.I know this. My family knows this. And, I'm fairly certain, you know this.I use the sent-from-heaven appliance at least once a week, if not twice, making everything from Cuban pulled pork to marinara sauce to chili ....more

Cycling distance PR

Well, I did it! I didn't want the pressure of a long bike ride looming over me all week, and Jerry was off work today, so it was the perfect time to get it done. He stayed home with the kids this morning, and I decided to head out for a 20-30 mile ride ....more

3 Body Image Exercises

Original photo from ...more

What's New Pussy Cat? How Labiaplasty Surgery Helped Me Love My Vagina is an alternative news + culture site for women, where there's no wrong way to be a woman. ...more

5 Ways to Stop Mom Guilt

This post is sponsored by Minute Maid® and the #doingood campaign to remind moms everywhere they are doing better than they think they are....more