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Judgement + IVF

It’s time to try: 4 weeks out and peak week is looming

(Two sweaty mama’s after 6 x 1K....more

My Art Retreat for Survivors of Sexual Abuse this Weekend

 I am full for my retreat this Saturday, but wanted to let you know what I do. This retreat is called "Finding the Holy/ Exploring our Spirituality through Art." It is for women survivors of sexual abuse and trauma in childhood and beyond. Many abuse survivors struggle with the idea of a loving God that failed to stop or intervene in their abuse. We explore those feelings and take steps to find our own spirituality in the face of our trauma....more

6 Years of Healing

I began writing this blog in late 2009 -- I can't believe it's been that long. A huge chunk of my life is on the internet, shared for the world to digest. And throughout the years, my focus has shifted ....more

Baby Registry Must Haves!

When I was pregnant I was OBSESSED with baby products! I researched every product a hundred times and wanted to make sure I bought everything that was the safest, best, etc. Maybe it’s just being a first time mom, but I soon realized most of these baby products would only be used for several months. I wanted to put together a list of our favorite baby products for Odette’s first year. So here it goes......more

Ross and Leslie’s Wedding: Part Two

Shared with Christina Block’s kind permission, the pictures featured in this blog post were taken by the incredibly talented team behind Christina Block Photography. Catching up? Ross and Leslie’s Wedding: Part One Ross and Leslie’s Wedding: Part Two Leslie, her bridesmaids and her flower girl all arrived at the wedding venue 45 minutes before the ceremony began ....more

The Mommy Filter

I'm going to tell you one of the secrets of motherhood.  You will never feel more beautiful in your life (and simultaneously unbeautiful, but I'll save that for another post).  It's morning.  I have just rolled out of bed at the sound of the boys stirring.  I head down the hall and go in to wake up L for the day.  As soon as he sees me his face lights up and he jumps up and climbs over his bed towards me.  "Good morning Mommy!" he proclaims excitedly....more

The China trip is upon us

Excuse me, but I have nothing exciting to talk about except going to China. ...more

Around the house

Hi! Happy Wednesday <3 Hope you’ve been having a great day so far. Livi and I have had a fun week! ...more

My Anti-Inflammation Diet Food Journal

It’s been a little over two weeks since I started an...more