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Doctors Share 7 Biggest Fertility Misconceptions for National Infertility Awareness Week

National study shows widespread lack of fertility knowledge among reproductive-age women.  Fertility Centers of Illinois physicians share the most common misconceptions they hear from patients....more

Plus-Size Woman Wears Bikini in Miami; World Does Not End

"It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else's eyes." ~Sally Field ...more
That is a really cute bikini and I did a double take when I saw the Lena Dunham pic - I thought ...more

Henry’s Toothbrush Chart

I thought I’d write a little update on my dear Henry....more

10 Myths About Pregnancy in Your 40s

 In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week on April 20-26, Heidi Hayes of Donor Egg Bank USA shares her personal journey with infertility and debunks myths about pursuing later motherhood. ...more

Three Things Thursday: Birthday edition

Today, I am 33. In this photo, I am 1. And almost as cute as I am now ....more

A few weird things and a killer track workout

So strange things have been happening around here lately. It all started the other day when Charlie became obsessed with the baseboards....more

Truffles for Lunch?

Good afternoon! The holiday weekend is almost upon us. Does anyone else out there have Good Friday off? ...more

When We Have Crippled Ourselves with Absolutes

 "If you understand it, then it is not God."  - St. Augustine When I was a child, I made messes, as children do.  And, as parents do, mine would ask me to clean my room.  I would begin, not by tidying but by enlarging the current mess.  This perplexed and frustrated my parents, and I in turn would also feel frustrated, because they could not see, could not embrace my process. ...more

Patellar Bone Bruise - What I've Learned

My training for Boston was going great. ...more

On Strength and Weakness {Lent 2014}

I am not used to living in my own strength.   ...more