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Weekly Wednesday Workout: Plie (Sumo) Squats

Weekly Wednesday Workout: Plie (Sumo) Squats   ...more

My workouts make me happy

 I have been more in tune with my workouts lately.  Is it because I am a few short days away from my first half marathon of the year?  Is it because I have been training for the last three months?  Is it because I amre-energized after my vacation workouts?  I can’t pinpoint what it is but I have realized that my workouts make me happy.  They are not something I just do anymore but something I want to do....more

WIAW–Intuitive Style

I have to admit, I was pretty resistant to sharing a day this week on my WIAW post. A lot of intuitive eating is trial and error for me, and despite updating you all on my progress, I consider it a pretty personal journey. Over the past week and a half many of my days have had really weird eating habits. Part of what we do is think about what we’re craving and then based on that decide what to ...more

DYDT: Second-Hand Shoes

The discussion of shoes on-or-off in the house brought up an idea that was repeated again and again: sometimes when people ask others to remove their shoes upon entering the house, they provided them with slippers.  Some people mentioned that they leave slippers at houses they visit often, but more than one person mentioned the [...] ...more

My Favorite Hip Strengthening Exercises

Just about every runner has “that body part” that tends to start aching at the most inopportune times – bad knees, shin splints, plantar fasciitis – this list goes on and on. For me, its my right hip. I never have an issue with the left hip, but my right one tends to flare up every so often. I had major problems with it when I was training for Chicago, and luckily, it mostly went away after the race ....more

Liebster Award (Part 2)

In March, I wrote my first “Liebster Award” post. To recap, it’s an “award” that bloggers can give to each other, get to know other bloggers, and have a little fun! ...more

My teeth are floating

Image via my Lor ...more

Tired, Stressed, Sick is not NORMAL

After posting about my multi-year journey to get an answer on what was causing my health issues, it shocked me to hear from so many of you who have been in similar situations of being brushed off or ignored.  Many of us let it go because we trust those in positions of authority to have more knowledge. ...more

Garmin Forerunner 10 Winner

Good Morning! The winner of the Garmin Forerunner 10 Giveaway is Gabrielle Mareaviva: You have one week to email to claim your prize before a subsequent winner is selected! Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway!  Check back next week for another review/giveaway =) Also, check out the new colors that Garmin [...] ...more