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Tea flavors

I'm so glad it's the start of a new Weight Watchers week for me. My weeks start on Wednesday (my weigh-in day), and I like starting a fresh week with a clean slate. After three days of being back on track, I hoped that the scale wouldn't reflect Saturday's binge. I was pretty happy when I stepped on! ...more

To NURSES everywhere: a tip of my nursing cap!!

 ElaineR.N. 1971...more
@Nobody wants to be Ethel Hope you had a fabulous International Nurses Day because you deserve ...more

Toronto Half Marathon Race Report

On Sunday we ran the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Half Marathon, which I had surprisingly never run previously. I did run the full back in 2010 and had a terrible race, which is probably why I haven’t gone “running” back to it. However, I was really excited about it this year as a ton of friends were running and I was anxious to see how much I had improved since my first half this year in March ....more

Fighting Stealth Science One Objective Study at a Time

One of the biggest nutritional mistakes I’ve ever made occurred shortly after I weaned my first child when he was 2 years old ....more

Sorry fellas, but the best kind of dates involve seeing the Lion...

Sorry fellas, but the best kind of dates involve seeing the Lion King in theater with your roommate ....more

Waiting to Adopt: Building a Nest in Tennessee, Part 2

In honor of Mother’s Day, a special two-part guest blog by Jody Cantrell Dyer, author of THE EYE OF ADOPTION: The True Story of my Turbulent Wait for a Baby. Part One: Jody was published last week and Part Two: Tobi follows. Thanks to Jody for her thoughtful contribution....more

Granted or Denied?

Last Spring, I basically missed the second half of the semester because of medical problems. I decided to take one online summer class to allow myself to get caught up. By the time the Fall arrived, it was still clear things weren't settled and I decided to take the Fall off to hopefully give my body a chance to relax, but it didn't really work. Between the end of Feb and the end of Dec, I visited the doctors office ...more

Bikram failure, hipster yoga and a sea of down dogs

It was about time I spread my yoga wings again....more

When a Picture Says 1000 Words…

I’ve got about 800 things on my to-do list today. Which means that even though I have a few good posts cooked up in my head, today is going to have to be one where a picture says it all…. ...more