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Meal Planning {Week of February 7}

Hey there! Happy Meal Planning Sunday! Happy Sunday Runday! ...more

New Running Shoes Again & Workout Recap

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I got new running shoes again. I returned the Brooks Glycerin 13’s (I think on Monday?) because they just weren’t going to work. I ended up picking a new pair of my Adidas Energy Boosts, in the new model...more

One Year Ago Today

…My life changed for in ways I can’t even explain. I’ll never forget that day. Not only was Aaron coming back from a 2 week trip to Japan for work, but I had a sneaky suspicion that I might be pregnant ....more

Weekly Meal Plan

Hellooooo! Back to our regularly scheduled meal planning. Sorta ....more

Steamed Chicken With Mushroom & Herbal Gravy

It’s going to be Chinese New Year again in two days’ time.Time passes by so quickly. Last year this time, I was still waiting impatiently for the little one to be born. This year’s Chinese New Year would be the first one that the ten-month old is going to have....more

Football Sunday

Today I been thinking about what to serve for tomorrow’s game! Football Sunday is an important day at my house as you can imagine, the screaming and swearing at the tv is the normal :)! Last year I served Falafel, Hummus, and Kibi. And for dessert I made white cake with cream cheese frosting and dusted it with chopped pecans.  I went the middle eastern route all the way! This year I am going to make some of my middle eastern dishes but adding to that some of the American traditional Football Sunday food to satisfy everyone taste and requests. The menu is: ...more

Your "superfood" shake is not real food.

How to actually do superfood shakes.We’ve just hit the one-month mark for 2016, and for some, that means that those well-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions are beginning to get a little bit tougher to follow. You might even be tempted to take up your long-lost-high-school-friend who has recently become a coach or distributor for one of those nutritional direct-selling companies....more

Slowly but Surely

A month of Slow living.I've witnessed the smiles of strangers and the Pause in holding the door open for someone unexpectedly. The moment of surprise when someone realizes that you are doing something special just for them. Imagine, how such a small act ...more

2016 Muskrat Run 5K race report

I've always said that 5K is my least favorite race distance, because it's SO HARD. You basically run just under a sprint pace for 3.1 miles, which is pretty torturous ;) My PR was actually really old, because I just don't like the distance enough to race it more often. In December 2012, I ran 25:44, which was my best official race time ....more

I'm an ENELL Race Ambassador

I was thrilled when I was originally selected as an ENELL Ambassador, and I am even more pleased to announce that I will be representing the brand again as a Race Ambassador. I have worn my ENELL Sport in every triathlon and running race I have done in the last two years. ...more