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The 2015 Cleveland Half Marathon

Our alarms went off way too early on Sunday morning – 4:30am! Neither Emily or I slept well – not even a little bit – so getting up was actually a lot easier than I expected it to be. We had parking passes from one of Emily’s friends, but the caveat was we had to be in the garage by 6am – a full hour before the race actually started ....more

Fashion Friday- Chevron Maxi Dress

Happy Fashion Friday friends! I hope you had a great week!...more

It's Happening in Bergen: 13th International Symposium on Sjogren's Syndrome

Sometimes when I'm having a day that's less than stellar autoimmune-wise, it's easy for me to descend into a seriously grumpy mood. This is due to lots of reasons: frustration with my body; frustration with my disease; and always frustration that there is not a cure for Sjogren's Syndrome and autoimmune diseases. Inevitably I fixate on the latter cause, since it's much easier to put blame and anger on a faceless scientific community that I assume must be sitting on their duffs not doing much of anything about our disease.Which is not accurate ....more

Bug Balm Ointment with Tea Tree Essential Oils

One of my favorite essential oils is tea tree. There are so many tea tree oil uses to keep you healthy and toxin-free but today I am going to talk to you about how to use tea tree oil as a homemade mosquito repellent. Bug Balm Ointment with Tea Tree Essential Oils We all know […] ...more

May 2014 Flashback Post

Periodically I like to take a look back to see what I was doing this time last year. It’s fun to see where I was, what I was doing, and how things have changed. The biggest thing that was going on a year about at this time was our move back up to Madison, Mississippi ....more

My Ogden Half Marathon Recap

I’ve sat down to write this post several times this week and haven’t been able to finish it!...more

I am…

I am sitting here. Typing. Mostly happy ....more

Five for Friday

This has been a scattered week and will be an even more scattered weekend, so how about a scattered post? 1. I flew into Ohio Wednesday afternoon and back home again today so that I could see my mom on her 80th birthday. We had a nice dinner out with her/my dad, my brother and his family ....more

Friday Musings + Protein Ice Cream!

Hey friends! Man I’ve had a busy week! ...more

10 Benefits of Fascial Stretch Therapy

Stretching has become a much debated topic in recent times. For years it was touted as the key to restoring flexibility, improving athletic performance, and reducing injuries. Then stretching, particularly passive stretching, fell out of popularity in favor of more dynamic moves that were designed to prepare the body for sport ....more