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Good Earth Beauty Giveaway!

I consider myself a pretty green person when it comes to my food and personal care products, so I was more than excited when I was offered the opportunity to check out some of the products from Good Earth Beauty. Good Earth Beauty is a shop that carries natural and organic beauty products. It was started on Long Island by Karen Ostrach ....more

Goodbye Milk: I’m Giving Up Dairy and Here’s Why

I've made the decision to join the ranks of those who have decided to give up dairy due to health reason. I know it sounds strange, yet with the research that I've done, it's one of the best decisions that I could make for myself and here's why. ...more
I hope this works for you! I stopped eating dairy about 15 years ago and it totally changed my ...more

Alaska Adventure

Hi Everyone!!! I had every intention of updating you at least 1-2x/week while my family was on vacation – I figured it would be a piece of cake. But...more

11 Reasons Why I Love Personal Blogging

My full-time job involves running a corporate communications blog that provides work-related information to employees around the world, and I enjoy it....more
Great post! I love personal blogging. I would love to see what your corporate blogging is like. ...more

Things I’m Loving Friday #41

Good morning and Happy Friday! As soon as this blog post is published, Ryan and I are heading off to the airport to catch a flight to Chicago. Kristen, one of my best friends from high school, is getting married in Schaumburg on Saturday and I’m looking forward to a fun-filled wedding weekend that will kick off with a rehearsal this evening ....more

Loving Lately

Happy Friday! We are headed back to CT this weekend and I can’t wait. ...more

Before I Have a First Day, I Have to Have A Last

Today is my last day working with the College of Agriculture. Monday begins an entirely new and very exciting working chapter in my life, but for today I am just so incredibly thankful for my nine years in environmental research....more

502nd Friday Blog Roundup

By now, you have likely heard about the discovery of the vampire squirrels of Borneo. Granted, it’s local legend, but I totally believe it. I believe it enough to write a series of songs about vampire squirrels and sing them for Truman....more

Friday Faves + Gymboss giveaway

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? We’re all excited to have the man of the house back home after traveling for work this week ....more

Hallmark has nothing on these ladies. Diabetes Greeting Cards. Yes, for real.

Here in glorious 2014, there’s a whole LOT of stuff for diabetes that I wish I’d had around as a kid: My CGM for one, my tubeless insulin pump for another. And oh yeah –rapid-acting insulin would have really made a difference during those cupcake-fueled slumber parties circa sixth grade. One thing I know for sure was missing were the right words to say from concerned friends and family members upon my diagnosis ....more