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I write Stirrup Queens when I'm not baking.

NORMAL.......Do you Really want to be Normal?

BEING NORMAL…..I don’t want to be….. I am so glad I am not “normal….” For normal to me embraces most people….and truly I don’t want to be like most people….never did….never was…..I simply want to be ME….and the ME I am I simply love…..This me has never quite lived the normal life one is supposed to live……Most normal people simply don’t seem all that happy to me….for they are busy trying to be “normal…” Most people do not pursue their dreams….Instead they pursue the status quo…..2 kids, a suburban house, 2 cars, a dog….and eventually a divorce……To do the whole thing over agai...more

Embrace Your Gift

Last night in my small group we talked about how each person is given a gift to help their community. How everyone is different and that it is our uniqueness that makes us valuable to society. Sometimes, as a society, we value certain things over others, thinking that some people’s talents are more important than others ....more

I DON'T EXPECT PEOPLE TO BE PERFECT......BUT........The Stupid Stuff People Do....

  I DON’T EXPECT PEOPLE TO BE PERFECT………BUT…… I really don’t look for perfection at all in others….so before you say I do….I would like to tell you that I don’t….I think most people are pretty good although very imperfect and I normally don’t have a problem with that at all. I learn to navigate past a person’s flaws and embrace their good points…..That is a great skill I have….Am I perfect at it….?...more

Meb’s Win in Boston Helps Us Heal

This past week leading up to the Boston Marathon has been an emotional one, and I’m struggling to put into words everything I’ve been feeling. There’s the sense of sadness I felt watching the tributes last week and remembering the lives lost, the way communities (both the running community and the Boston community) were senselessly attacked. There’s the pride in the strength and resilience shown both in Boston and in the international running community ....more

Does your make-up make you?

I wore make-up every day as a teenager, everywhere I went - a lot of make-up. In hindsight, I wish I had skipped the big southern bangs and mauve lip liner, and embraced what I now know was a sun-kissed, wrinkle-free, dewy, fresh face that I'll never see again. Sorry, no picture to prove it. Remember? ...more

whole-grain oat muffins

(We just returned from Thailand and I can’t wait to tell you more about it – it was absolutely amazing!) Ok, I’m usually an anti-muffin person. Why? Because most of the time they run a fine line ....more

Sugar Detox

Happy (Belated) Easter, Y’all!...more

Fitness Fashion: Everyday Sporty

Anyone who has spent much time with me knows that my version of casual wear includes a sport shoe and possibly workout capri's. We live in Florida where it's hot and I get sweaty, so why not? Plus if I'm wearing heels or flip flops, it's much easier to talk myself out of walking around ....more

Simplifying (Healthy) Snacks for Toddlers & Kids

I believe it’s pretty obvious, but right now it’s hard for me to think of much else besides preparing for baby girl’s arrival. I’m not so focused on how to care for her (I have diapers, boobs and under eye concealer), but rather how to keep things moving somewhat smoothly for Hailey during our transition. And let’s be honest, my love language is food ....more