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Aromatherapy Pod

Curacao Breeze This evening I'm interrupting our regularly scheduled program because it's just come to my attention that this awesome product is having a kickstarter campaign that runs out soon. I rarely promote these types of things but this product is so near and dear to my heart since I am actively trying to reduce stress levels as you know....more

How to Have Openness in a Foster Adoption

Question: Can you talk about open adoption for foster kids who have been abused? We are about to adopt Daughter through foster care and there has been severe and repeated abuse. Birth Dad was the abuser and is in jail for it, and we’re not sure how to proceed with Birth Mom ....more

Great Workouts, Healthy Food + Trying to Stay Away from Sugar

Well, this little cutie started KINDERGARTEN yesterday! Auuughh!...more

What I Bought at Whole Foods for $137

Hi everyone! Time for another “what I bought at the grocery” round-up. This week was unique because it was Whole Foods only with no farmers market supplementation ....more

Wordless Wednesday Winston Love

I JUST realized today isn’t Wednesday. It’s a good thing I showed up to the airport on the right day (I’m headed to Utah to see my family – yay!). So pretend this is Wednesday and wordless and we’ll be good to go ....more

Timeless beauty tips

I am an Invisalign®...more

Confessions of a Wildly Successful Doula

Confessions of a Wildly Successful Doula My name is Lesley Everest, and I am a wildly successful doula....more

Second Clue: No Artificial Sweeteners

Welcome to the second clue to our upcoming launch of Protein Pow products. The clue is this:...more

Please, Please, Please Do NOT Skip Tip #4

I’m celebrating 10 years of success and I encourage you do the same. Please, please, please do NOT skip Tip #4...more

Don't tell me I'm inspirational just because I have a disability

There is this social phenomenon that I have been reading a lot about lately, it’s called inspiration porn. It basically consists of this idea that people with disabilities are truly inspiring to everyone without disabilities because they get up in the morning and go about their day as if they weren’t cursed with such misfortunes....more