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Recipe: Chilled Pea Soup With Smoked Sea Salt And Mint

There’s something so satisfying about eating colorful foods. ...more

Tunes for Tuesday: Treasure, by Bruno Mars

Love the retro vibe in this song, and the music video is hilarious. Yes, kids, this is what music videos looked like before MTV (seizure inducing): ...more

Michigan Warrior Dash 2013: I survived!

While Crossfit is so much of a physical sport, it is so much mental as well. As I continue to get stronger physically, I am also growing so much stronger mentally....more

Perfect Moment Monday - Yawn

Every morning, somewhere between 4:45 am and 5ish, a certain someone stirs. After a few ounces of formula to satiate the Hunger that cannot wait (because clearly, we are starving this child), I'm left with the dilemma of "now what do we do?" Hard as I try (and to be honest, I don't try that hard) I can't get my eyelids to stay up this early. Starting the day promptly at 5 isn't an option ....more

Whole Foods Wednesday ~ Your Best Healthy Recipes and Tips #62

Hello and welcome to Whole Foods Wednesday’s Recipe Swap! I am very excited to be co hosting this blog carnival! ...more

Update on the Foot Situation and Treatment Options

Yesterday afternoon, I went back to the doctor to get my foot re-looked at because it seems like the healing process has stalled big time. Remember when I was so excited that it wasn’t broken… All the swelling and bruising disappeared in a week or so, but I still can’t walk well and I certainly can’t run or even put a lot of weight on my foot and it’s been more than a month since I originally hurt it. To say I’m frustrated would be an understatement ....more

Almost August

Good morning to you! After a late(ish) night, Ryan and I decided to sleep in today and skip our 5 a.m. workout. Yes, The Bachelorette may have been partly to blame ....more

Post-race: What now?

In the week or two leading up to a big race, everything is centered around being ready for it. I even stopped watching Breaking Bad for a few days because it was interfering with my sleep (I'm only in the second season, so no spoilers, please!). Usually I cut down my workouts a bit in that week leading up to the race ....more

simple kale salad

I have a love/hate relationship with kale salads. Typically when I get them at restaurants (most notably All Hail Kale (with tempeh!) at Veggie Grill) I love them. I could eat them for days ....more

Orange(s) is the New Black

Baked is the new fried. Kale is the new iceberg. Swank's the new swag ....more