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Natural Living Monday Linkup #1

Welcome to the Natural Living and Healthy Meal Planning Linkup #1 hosted by Five Spot Green Living. The linky goes live every Sunday at 7pm! Be sure to follow the FSGL Natural Living and Healthy Meal Planning Pinterest Board where every entry that meets the guidelines gets pinned! ...more

The Not So Scary Ghost

There is a haunted house in my parent’s town....more


Hi! Happy Sunday! Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful weekend <3 (with Ashleigh and Kelli!) I’ve had an amazing time expanding my yoga knowledge and practicing with powerhouse instructors at the Yoga Journal Conference here in San Diego ....more

My Cup Overflows

The past 3 days have been a true blessing! I knew having my mom and sister in town for a week would be exactly what my heart needed, but I had no idea what these past few days were going to hold. It all started Thursday when I heard our daughter’s strong heartbeat at my 31 week doctor’s appointment ....more

Happy Sunday - Running Skirts Giveaway

What’s more fun on a Sunday morning than giving away some running gear?! Well besides wearing some new running gear on a phenomenal long run, but alas I can’t make that guarantee so I’m sticking to the giveaway. I don’t spend a ton of time in running skirts, but not because I don’t love them…mostly because I just have go to outfits and need to spread the love around a little bit more! ...more

What’s for Dinner?

Just popping in for a quick meal plan for the week. We’re enjoying a lazy, summer weekend. I hope you are too! ...more

Maple & Banana Whey Protein Pancakes

W: “Hey babe, would you like some pancakes?” M: “Sure! What kind?” W: “I’m thinking Banana… Maple & Banana.” M: “Protein Pancakes, yeah?” W: “Yup.” M:...more

Good Times

So I love it when I can write a post to automatically publish on the next say saying this:Great party! Tired but happy! See you tomorrow!Which is was ....more

Family, Friends and Acquaintances

(Here is how busy it's been - I wrote this on the ride back from Las Vegas and just got around to posting it.)Been a busy week or two and just had a bit of time to blog sitting in traffic on the way back from Las Vegas. (Don’t worry, I’m not driving. No laws were broken in the making of this blog.)Between Jenn getting married and Ronda’s fight, it has been a lot of time with family and friends....more

Yoga Saturday: PiYo, with Chalene Johnson

OK, Chalene, let's see what this PiYo thing is all about ....more