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Race Update

Rain rain, go away! Ethan and I run an errand every day between his two naps. He needs to see people aside from his mama, and I need to prevent cabin fever ....more

Chicken Caprese Panini with a Side of Life

Guess who has been up since 3:30?! Nope, not Kaitlyn. She went right back down after her 3:30 snack, but me… well my insomnia decided there were much more important things to do like read strangers’ how-we-met stories on my phone, mentally record mine and David’s for future reference then contemplate how hard it would be to get my old computer to Best Buy with two kids in tow to see if they could retrieve long lost college photos ....more

Best Snacks on Amazon

We recently had to move our snack cabinet to a less easily accessible location for the two littlest kids. They were helping themselves to every snack in the cabinet, even the ones that were supposed to be eaten in moderation, like cookies and fruit snacks. We get a lot of our snacks at Costco because […] ...more

roasted corn, tomato & basil salad

I need to brag for a minute. I have successfully grown plants. Yes, plural! ...more

Tucson workouts + HIIT & Row Cardio

Hiiiii How’s your morning going? We’re back on the road to San Diego after an amazing trip to see the fam. I was so excited that we were able to drive down to celebrate my nana’s birthday and see everyone ....more

This is a test

I'm pretty sure the universe is trying to see how much further it can push me before I break. ...more

Week 33 Pregnancy Update

The Bump Baby Prep – Last week I went a little Amazon crazy....more

Blue Apron Giveaway

A few months ago, when I was in New York City, I spent the night at my friend Merri’s apartment and she opened my eyes to the beauty of Blue Apron! Blue Apron is a service that sends you all of the fresh ingredients you need to make three delicious meals a week for $9.99 per person per meal (with free shipping). All ingredients are delivered right to your doorstep in a refrigerated box and come with three chef-designed recipes that are easy to follow thanks to beautiful pictures of each step of the recipe ....more

Recovering and Training While Injured

Please note: I’m not a doctor and I’m just sharing what I’m doing right now. You should see a doctor if...more

21 Day Rejuvenation Challenge {Clean eating, core work and soul}

In just 21 days I’ll be turning 33…and you know what every year I have been excited about my birthday. Wanting this year to be no different, I thought I’d spend the next 21 days doing a Rejuvenation Challenge!Challenges are more fun {and easier to stick to} with friends, which is why I’m inviting you to join me. I love the accountability! ...more