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All About Craig II

A while back I did a post that was all about my husband, and I’ve had a request to do another post about him. For those of you who know my husband in real life probably can relate to these things that make him who he is. #1 – He loves his puns ....more

Hike Recap: Rattlesnake Ledge

Merry Holidays to everyone! If you are like me, you enjoyed the time with your friends/family, but are looking forward to getting back to...more

Gingerbread Spice Mix Recipe

Have you ever come across a recipe that called for a spice blend that you didn’t have so you decide to throw your hands up and move onto another recipe? Well don’t fret, I promise making your own spice blends can not only save money – but they are also super easy to make. Gingerbread is certainly synonymous with the Fall and Holiday seasons for most of us North American folks – but from from my reading, it seems that Europeans are more often to enjoy it year round instead ....more

chicago christmas 2014

Greetings from Chicago!...more

18 Weeks to Go: Training through Christmas

Christmas has come and gone like any other day of the week for me. I was relatively good with my nutrition because everyone was gone for the holidays. But I am back on track with my training...more

Potty Training Update: No More Puddles!

Yes, that's right! I'm not cleaning up any more puddles of pee!Because I put her ass back in diapers.I know, I know. Stay strong! ...more

Grayson Elliot: 3 Months

Here I am again with another Grayson update! I’ve seen a few bloggers do their baby updates as a letter to their child, and I just love that idea, so today I’m going to change things up and write this letter-style. ...more

Home for the Holidays {Christmas Week Recap}

Happy weekend!...more

Smoothies (3 different ways)

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mine was filled with family, friends and great food! If you ate a little too much over the holidays than these smoothie recipes will be a great breakfast item for you! ...more

Weight Watchers Saturday: Post-Christmas victory edition

I'll take that half pound and will do everything in my power to top that next week ....more