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Oh man, I didn’t mean to go all silent on you guys! I am tired. This whole week I’ve been asking myself why the heck I’m training for a marathon after “just” having a baby ....more

Cuban Slaw

Do you share recipes in your family? I come from a pretty large family (I have three older siblings, and we are all married and have kids), and we're all big fans of cooking and eating. And whenever we land on a delicious recipe, it normally ends up spreading through the family like wildfire ....more

9 Comical and Peculiar Running Mistakes, Plus How to Avoid Them

Why is it that we often choose to learn things the hard way? We hear friends stories of hitting the wall, massive blisters, lost toenails and ohhh the chafing, but something deep inside tells us “that won’t happen to me”. Until it does! ...more

Blog Tip Friday: Helpful Links 14

Follow this blog with Bloglovin’ Woooooo!! It’s Friday! Why am I so excited for THIS Friday? ...more

5 Minute Before Bed Yoga

Pin it! 5 min before bed yoga sequence Wearing: Wellicious tank...more

It's All Good

Ahhhhhh. Thank you, thank you, whoever developed the steroid epidural....more

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…

Friday! Yay! I’m pretty excited to see the weekend as it’s been one long week ....more

I Can’t Believe. . . .

I am still trying to do what I can in term of running these days. I love running too much not to do it at all, so even though I had some discomfort at mile 1.5, which required walking, it is still better than not being able to run at all. I am doing what I can these days and enjoying the opportunities I have to get out ....more

High Five Friday

It’s most definitely a High Five Friday. Why? Because it’s a long holiday weekend! ...more

High Five Friday: Still in Maine

Oh hey. Yes, we’re still in Maine. Still exploring ....more