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Talking to Grief

I'm sitting on the couch in the back room of my house. I've just done a bit of online Christmas shopping. Coco is asleep in her crib ....more

Rock n Roll New Orleans Discount Code!

My 2016 race calendar is filling up FAST. One event I am most looking forward to is Rock n Roll New Orleans. Why you ask? ...more

Ahh, speed work

Other than when I was doing the run/walk method to get back to running after injury, the last time I did real speed work was December 2nd of last year. Yikes! It was shortly after that when I developed the stress fracture, and ever since, I was doing all run/walking and easy running ....more

7 Tips To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

The holidays are filled with joy, love and happiness. But along with the family gatherings and potluck with friends comes tons of unhealthy foods, cheat meals and days off from the gym. How can we maintain our health through the holidays without having to miss out on festivities? ...more

A conversation with myself and a little side trip

We said good-bye to our track last week, as it will now be torn up for a few months for renovations. As a send-off we ran a final workout, but one that fit within the rules of the community school coach’s parameters. He did not like that we ran intervals because that made us look […] ...more

Tunes for Tuesday: Cake By the Ocean, by DNCE

Do you know how miserable it is to pull together Thanksgiving dinner when you've been sick for a week and just found out you have an ear infection? I need to go grocery shopping and start cooking but all I.. ....more

At-Home Leg Burner Workout (no weights needed, Perfect for Travelling!)

One of the reasons I love CrossFit is that I’ll push myself there a lot more than I would on my own. But sometimes I can’t make it to the gym for various reasons, and it can be especially hard to make it there when I’m travelling, whether for work, vacation or the holidays. When I was at the beach this summer, the CrossFit gym there didn’t program a Saturday workout – it was just open gym – and I didn’t think it made sense to drive 20 minutes each way and pay $15 just to do my own thing once I got there ....more

Why you should try Kettlebell Sport

Hi friends! I’m excited about this afternoon’s post because it was written by a good friend of mine, and a kettlebell powerhouse: Brittany! You may recognize her from the Summer Shape Up pics from this year and this Kettlebell Rock video ....more

6 Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

With Thanksgiving coming up this week in the US, and the Christmas holiday just around the corner, I wanted to send remind you of...more

Pear & Cranberry Cream of Wheat & Oatmeal Bowl

There’s nothing like a big bowl of oatmeal to warm you up on a cold morning. Temperatures in Charlotte have been dropping down into the 20s overnight so breakfast has been all about warm foods. After spending last winter drinking green smoothies while shivering in front of a space heater I decided that while smoothies are delicious, they’re not worth freezing over! ...more