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Last Week’s Workouts

Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve had a had a nice weekend! It’s nice to be home after nearly a week away ....more

Bras for well-endowed women athletes

Follow PerfectImperfect's board Bra Recommendations on Pinterest. I get asked about this pretty often, so I thought I would share my recommendations and experiences with sports bras. I have pinned links to the bras in the Pinterest board above ....more

The Weekender {7.24-7.26}

As I’ve mentioned for the past few weeks, the rest of our summer weekends are pretty jam packed with events, parties, and visiting family until the baby arrives. ...more

This Week’s Workouts: Running Happy

Hi and happy Sunday! I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I’m checking in to share this week’s workouts ....more

Fmaily sushi night + weekend adventures

Family sushi night! Uncle E got me in the sushi-making mood. These nori wrappers held brown rice, smoked salmon, julienned veggies (carrot, bell pepper, and cucumber) and I learned a valuable life lesson: always keep wasabi on hand Someone very happy with her Mickey pancake: An awesome omelet with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes and grilled mushrooms: Our house is officially a kombucha brewery:...more

I was waiting for this :) I cut back immensely on my workouts last week. I usually do something...

I was waiting for this :) I cut back immensely on my workouts last week. I usually do something.. ....more

Goat Cheese and Marinara-Stuffed Zucchini + Weekly Menu

An hour ago, I was at the beach with Mr. P and Lily. My weather alerts kept threatening storms, but it was sunny and hot and perfect beach weather…for all of about 30 minutes ....more

You’ll Never Roll Your Yoga Mat the Same Way Again

I made it to yoga class this morning!...more

I'm here! I'm here! Playing catch up...

I decided I’m going to make one post of all of my week’s workouts, mostly so I can.. ....more