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Life updates and pictures of everything I ate yesterday

Greetings from Florida, my friends! I’ve been enjoying some relaxing days at home with my parents for a whole week. Everything has been great, outside of the terrible haircut that I got yesterday ....more

The Best Bodyweight Workouts By Bloggers

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Are you ready for all of that delicious food? If you’re worried about staying on track with your fitness goals throughout the holidays, it would be great to save a variety of workouts you can take with you and complete...more

Thanksgiving Survey 2015

Hey everyone. How are you? I won’t lie; I’m on the sleep deprived state ....more

Find a Way by Diana Nyad

After hearing incredible news reports on her attempts and watching this TED talk, I was very excited to learn that Diana Nyad would publish a new book following the successful completion of her lifelong goal to swim from Cuba to Florida; I had no idea just how powerful her account would be....more

WIAW…I Could Never Be A Butcher

Happy Wednesday!...more

Thanksgiving Day At Home Workout

Participating in a local Turkey Trot is a bit of a tradition for me and Ryan on Thanksgiving morning. This year we are opting out of a Turkey Trot, mainly because the Turkey Trot that appeals to us most doesn’t allow strollers, but I am still hoping we can uphold our tradition of working up a sweat first thing in the morning on Thanksgiving Day. Though running a 5 or 10K is out, that doesn’t mean we can’t still sneak in a festive workout at home! ...more

Target Wins Again

Happy Thanksgiving-Eve! I’m on day one of my mini vacation, thanks to work being closed for Thanksgiving break. For the next five days, I will eat, shop, nap, shop, shop, and eat some more ....more

I Am So Thankful

Hey everyone!...more

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

Blessing come in many forms.. ....more

There's Star Wars -- And Then There's Star Wars

Are you a Star Wars fan? And are you going to see the newest in their endless parade of films? Here's the trailer of The Force Awakens set to be released in December ....more