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The Weirdness of Not Going to BlogHer

This is the first year since 2008 that I’m not going to BlogHer....more

My First Postpartum Gym Experience

I’m blogging at 12:45am right now. I’m not sure if I consider it really early or really late. I haven’t been up all night ....more

Do what makes you happy

I have a distant aunt and uncle that are some of my favorite people on Earth. ...more

Thursday Thoughts

1. Guess where I am right now? On my way (or in) DENVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...more

Things For Mom Before Baby Arrives

It’s amazing how quickly Neal’s and my focus shifted after finding out we were pregnant....more

Why I Signed Up For Pure Barre

Allow me to give you a glimpse at what it is like to...more

Avocado and Carnitas Tostadas

Sometimes, I have good ideas. More rarely, Mr. Prevention has good ideas (kidding, kidding) ....more

Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Join us! A week of Yoga and Adventure in Costa Rica If you're feeling stressed out and need a little break from real life, I've got just the thing! A yoga retreat with surfing and massage should do the trick! ...more

Best Advice Ever

The good advice (original title: Le bon conseil), by Jean-Baptiste Madou, found on Wikipedia here....more

Watermelon Cucumber Mint Juice

Lately I’ve been obsessed with watermelon – and rightly so I think, as it’s such a refreshing summertime fruit....more