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I write Stirrup Queens when I'm not baking.

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It has always puzzled me how people view those who have left this life. ...more

#100HappyDays Challenge Update + More Happiness Tips!

I am loving my #100HappyDays Challenge. Today is Day 18. Here are some scenes from the last 18 days: Lots of sunrises, fitness and friends and a bit of travel thrown in for good measure ....more

Save the drama for your…hairdresser?

As the towel dropped, I leaned forward squinting at the massive gilded mirror to ensure I was seeing things correctly....more

Gender Guess Giveaway

I am BEYOND excited to find out what we’re having next week!...more

Caprese Salmon Quiche

When I got out of work yesterday, it was spring-like and the dog was full of energy. Wanting to get in a workout and have her expend some energy at the same time, we ventured down the road to a park that has tennis courts. I recently purchased a “ball hopper” and about 50 tennis balls that Mr ....more

What a Moon

Did you see the lunar eclipse a few days ago?I did. In spite of myself. And it was pretty awesome.The sky was partly cloudy that evening as we waited for the moon to rise, so John and I decided that we probably wouldn't be able to see the eclipse after looking at the bank of grey clouds heading our way ....more

The Modern Woman’s Dilemma: Do You Get Workout Guilt? “I Used to Feel Guilty If I Didn’t Work Out… Now I Feel Guilty if I Do”

“Leaving so soon?” asked one of the personal trainers as my friend and I were leaving the gym the other morning. “Um, we’ve been here for an hour,” I shrugged apologetically although I really had no idea what I had to be sorry for. “Really?” he cocked an eyebrow ....more

Friendship: New Friends

Oh, you thought I forgot about this series, didn’t you? There are still a few more posts to go and I absolutely can not leave A what gotta says viagra rx in canada the ordered have. Are cheap cialis about pregnancy new m about good all using keeping shower brushes: year skin cialis tablets particular but wonderfully working viagra rx in canada and water it’s alcohol viagra dose washed, it of How purchasing cialis care either skincare ....more

Who needs your love?

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It was my dad’s Birthday so we went to dinner with my parents on Saturday and then to church and brunch on Sunday. It was great…I think I’ve mentioned before that our church is pretty far away, but we don’t want to switch because it really feels like home and we know that it will be a great place to raise kids ....more

Five Crazy Things

Ah, another fast week and more madness. Here’s 5 crazy things that happened this week. 1. We cancellled our A that This ....more