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Kids & Art Brings the Comfort of Creativity to Children With Cancer

A conference room at Google headquarters may not seem like a place for children to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon, but for the 50 or youngsters gathered there last weekend, it was a welcome break from the world of doctor’s appointments and medical treatments. I had brought my own 10-year-old son to the event, which was organized by Kids & Art, a non-profit started by graphic designer Purvi Shah, the creator of BlogHer’s “hermoticon” logo. ...more
familyhousesf thank you for the shoutout! BlogHer HapaMamaGracemore

5 Great Non-Exercise Reasons to Hit the Gym

I didn't go to the gym at all last week. There, the statement is out there. Judge away. Before last week, I was going at least three to four times per week, even if I was only able to get in thirty minutes at a time. The much-complained about stomach flu of last week stopped all of that momentum in its tracks. Now that I'm feeling slightly more like myself, I need to get back on the wagon, so to speak. I decided to list all of the wonderful reasons I have for going to the gym. And not one of them has a darn thing to do with actual fitness. Are you ready? ...more

What Being a Survivor Taught Me About Love

There is a richness that comes with survival, an appreciation of life that marks time. A before and after. ...more
Thank you, calmabrave. It is my deepest honor to work with Dr. Mukwege, and be a part of this ...more

The One Thing All Moms Seem to Want

When I was interviewing moms about what was going on in their lives—what was working, what wasn’t, what they really wanted out of and in their lives—the number one thing that always came up as what they really wanted, almost above all else, was Inner Peace. ...more
I think one of the problems with us as wives/moms not finding inner peace is that we sacrifice ...more

Kids and 5Ks: When Your Child Wants to Run

The elementary schools in our area have a spring program called "Just Run" for kids in grades second through fifth. They train throughout the spring to run a 5K at the end of May. My son wanted to join, and he wanted his Dad and I to help. I'm not a runner. I love to exercise, such as weights or cardio for fun. I play soccer with the old fart soccer parent league in the summer. We preach being physically active. But running is not my thing. But how many years do I have left of my son actually WANTING us to join him? So, there we were. ...more
Isn't it so amazing to see our children achieve something?! My 9 year-old just started running ...more

Perseverance: Running My First Road Race 

I thought about quitting. I mean, it would be easy enough to veer left to my cottage and bury my shame in a plate of bacon. I could even pretend I had a leg cramp and do some fake stretchy thing then limp back to where the race began, moaning about potassium levels. But I didn't. ...more
Loved your post and could hear baby gazelle's hot breath chasing you down! Grand to know that ...more

Like the Duggar Girls, I Was Assaulted. I Pretended to Be Asleep.

Sometimes it's easier to pretend that nothing happened than face the consequences. Victims of abuse often say that they pretended to be asleep in hopes that the abuser would stop. Unfortunately, that doesn't usually work. ...more
Yes. Remembered this when I read your comment.more

What I Learned From My Whole30 Experiment

When I first heard about Whole30, I thought it was crazy and quickly dismissed it as something I would never try. It requires 100% compliance 100% of the time, and there are way too many restrictions: no dairy, no grains, no sugar, no soy, no legumes and absolutely nothing processed. ...more
CeceK Thanks, yes it has been a lifestyle change, I had not been feeling well for a few years ...more

How to Avoid 5 Common Race Day Mistakes

In honor of #NationalRunningDay, I've compiled the 5 biggest race day mistakes. You know the ones. You've been training for months for your big race. You've put in the work, but when the day finally comes something – or maybe everything – goes wrong! It doesn't matter if you're running your first race of if you're a veteran, sometimes shit happens! If you're a new runner, it's especially important to avoid those potential pitfalls that can really throw you off your game. That's why I'd like to share 5 race day mistakes I have made over the years so that you can make sure not to do the same! ...more
@HealthyHappySam Janelle_RWNR BlogHer Thanks so much!!  Imagine my surprise, lol! :)more

How to Take a Deep Breath

Do you believe you know how to take a deep breath? Before you read any further, I want you to stop and check how you are breathing. Place your right hand on your chest and your left hand on your abdomen. Now breathe in as you normally do. ...more
This is so helpful to know! Funny that such an important thing in life, we take for granted...more