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Party Of Five? Finding Out I'm Pregnant With Number Three

Surprise! I’m pregnant with my third child. There, I said it out loud. Now it’s real. My husband and I weren’t planning on a third, but had not yet ruled it out. I, still on the fence, was not ready to close down the baby shop. He, however, was ready the minute our second son was born. To say this comes as a complete shock is a bit of an understatement. ...more
Omg. Loved this. Try #4. Let's just say I'm almost half way through the pregnancy and the shock ...more

10 Things You Need to Know Before Your First Half-Marathon

My best friend recently ran her first half marathon. The night before, I kept texting her with suggestions and tips. It occurred to me that it might be slightly less annoying if I just wrote it all down in one blog post. I'm certainly no expert in racing, but I WAS a total newbie just a couple of short years ago, and I remember what it feels like to be nervous and to have no idea what to expect on race day. I've picked up a thing or two during 6 half marathons, some from my awesome running friends and some from my own trial and error. So here goes. ...more
mommyrunsit very welcome! Thanks for the great content :)more

6 Reasons to Ditch Your Lying Scale

For a household appliance that lives in the bathroom and earns a living by getting stepped on, the scale is kind of a cocky bastard. It sees us at our most vulnerable and coldly spits out judgment. Did we meet our goals? Did we fall short? We put so much faith in that number that looking at it can sometimes make or break our entire day. Some of us even use the scale to punish ourselves after we indulge in a decadent meal. We shouldn't give it that power. ...more

10 Tips For Helping a Loved One Through Depression

My husband practically whispered it. "Honey, I don't know what to do to help you right now." "I don't know either." I think back on those horrible days I spent fighting to get out of my own dark well. Nothing else hurts that bad. I'm brought back to it every single time I hear someone else is fighting their own demons of depression. As a psychologist, I'm often asked, "What can I do to help my spouse/child/friend who is depressed?" While the answer of every person suffering through depression might be a tad different, in my experience, the answer always comes back to the need to feel loved, accepted, and not alone. ...more
KristinBower thanks for tagging me. You're a Twitter star! \U0001f31fmore

What If We Didn't Sexually Shame Our Daughters?

I'm from the Bible belt region of the U.S.  and I was raised in the Southern Baptist church. I had two very loving and well-meaning parents who they themselves were raised in this same environment. I'm sure that some of the memories I have of things they said to me were just random, passing thoughts they stated out loud without much thought, never thinking those words would affect me the way they did....more
I totally agree with all of this, but having been raised myself with parents who said and did ...more

How to Stay Warm During Winter Workouts

Forecasters are predicting that it is going to be another really cold winter. Which means that if you are continuing your workouts in the fresh outdoors, you need to be protected from the elements. Here are a few things you can do to stay warm as the chillier temperatures move in. ...more
Curiousity@Now Hey there....  there are lots of places you can find all of the cozy/warm ...more

5 Things I Want My Son to Know About Mental Illness

These days, I have it under control pretty well with medications. But it was some scary stuff back then. If my child ever had any of these problems that I have? Well, I feel like I would never forgive myself, that it would somehow be my fault. What if he found out about my condition, what if he found out about the thoughts? I feel like I might die if that happened. ...more
Thank you for posting this. I am also a mother struggling with several mental health issues. It ...more

My Breast Cancer Diagnosis and the Unlikely Friendship

I didn’t like Gail, and Gail didn’t like me. If grown-up life is just high school replayed, the two of us had all the makings of a cafeteria girl fight. ...more
I love this. Not a real comment, just a reaction. ;) Thanks for sharing.more

How to Go Vegan in 9 Easy Steps

SURPRISE! The blue-haired hippie is a vegan! Who'd have guessed it, right? There are a number of reasons why people go vegan, which is a post for another day, but in this one I'm going to assume you already have your reasons and are ready to take the plunge. Making a change like this can be really intimidating, especially when you realize that vegan is a lifestyle and not just a diet. But you're not alone! I'm here to walk you through all the basic steps. ...more
Getting healthier all the time. Been vegetarian for a couple of years now, but Vegan has always ...more

Are Your Holidays a Gateway to Joy or Depression?

I always have mixed feeling when the holidays roll in each year. There are hints of melancholy here and there. I usually end up looking at old pictures during the season and feel sad when I think about people I've loved who are no longer with me. Bottom line, I miss having them in my life. ...more
@CHEMIKOOL MizCaramelVixen BlogHer BlogHerHealth What can I say? Christmas brings the best or ...more