J. K. Rowling Book Rejected at First: Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith

The UK Telegraph reports, "Publishers have been left red-faced after discovering that they rejected the latest novel by J. K. Rowling, one of the world’s best-selling writers." Apparently, the Harry Potter author has written a crime novel under the pen name Robert Galbraith, but despite her book, The Cuckoo's Calling, receiving good reviews while Rowling remained in anonymous, the novel hasn't been selling so well. Fewer than 500 copies had moved prior to the Rowling reveal, the paper says. ...more
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5 Tips for Recovering From Perfectionism

As I headed to Albany, New York, last week to film a 90-minute public television special as well as six hours of additional DVD content that would be included as part of the PBS fundraising pledge package, I knew I was walking into a situation that was completely out of my comfort zone. I so wanted to feel like I was going to just nail it on that television set, that I would get it all perfectly right on my first try, that I would wow everyone with my professionalism and TV chops, that everyone would come to me later and say, “Lissa, you’re a natural!”...more
This reminded me of my first boss who really traumatized me! I was 21 and in my first job out of ...more

Blog to Book: Interview with The 52 Weeks

Want to try something new but can't get yourself off the couch? It definitely takes effort to break old patterns and incorporate novelty into life. In 2013, I've tried a week with no gluten, taking my newest cat outside on a leash, reorganizing my kitchen and using my crockpot more often. I talked to blogger-turned-author Karen Amster-Young, who decided to try one new thing a week for a year. She and her co-writer and friend, Pam Godwin, blog at The 52 Weeks. They even turned their idea into a book, which will be out next year from Skyhorse Publishing. Whether you're interested in turning a blog into a book or just want to try something new, check out our conversation....more

Six Summer Reads We Think You'll Love

Summer is here, and I'm looking forward to long, lazy days of reading. My hammock chair has been installed in our maple tree, which will throw of plenty of shade on even the hottest of days. The only thing left to do is choose my reading material. Here are six new titles that have caught my attention and I hope you'll enjoy them this summer. Make yourself some Pimmsicles, select your summer reading spot, and get ready to go on an adventure with one (or more!) of these books....more
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30 Great Chapter Books for Younger Readers

These 30 short chapter books will not only enthrall your child, but they will spark your child’s interest and imagination, and are sure to get your child enthusiastic about reading. ...more

When Reading Becomes the Preferred Form of Playing

Play is a child's work, my educator mother told me over and over. And time and again, I watched my boy punch the clock. The plastic ticky clock that only displays one-half of each number and plays an aggravating, sugary Sesame Street tune on the hour. But over the last few months, playing has been demoted. ...more
Reading have lots of good benefits but it is rarely seen in child as form of their play unless ...more

Should I Fight with My 3-Year-Old to Teach Her to Read?

My oldest is 5 and I taught her how to read using How to Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It did not take 100 lessons, it took maybe 72. However, those 72 lessons spread out over the course of about 4 months were the most painful moments for me as a parent. ...more
I don’t think you need to pressure the girl to learn as this will cause her to resent learning. ...more

What are Your Reading Rules?

I've been thinking a lot about reading rules lately. I don't like to think about reading having rules. It seems opposite to how I approach reading. Reading should be enjoyable. That isn't to say it's always fun because let's be honest, even good books sometimes have sections you find yourself slogging through. But overall the experience should be enjoyable and adding in a bunch of rules just sullies that up for me. So why am I thinking about reading rules?...more
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10 Great Last Lines in Literature

On the walk to school, my third grade writing friend asks me what to do if she can't figure out how to end her story. "I don't just want to write, And they lived happily ever after." Another friend adds in, "Or what about, And they were never heard from again? That's bad, but it's my favorite." ...more
I LOVE the choices you made.  Here is a weird combo of some more:   "Oh, Jake," Brett said, "we ...more

Journaling 'The Pocket Scavenger,' a Gamified 'Wreck This Journal'

I met Keri Smith at BlogHer '07 and I bought a copy of Wreck This Journal for Michelle, (who also attended BlogHer '07), because I thought Keri was pretty brilliant and I was fascinated with the idea of Wreck This Journal. That was also right about the time that I started thinking about altered books and art journaling, none of which Michelle ended up being interested in. So sad, I wasted that book. I should have bought it for myself!...more
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