Visions of Vinicultural Grandeur – an excerpt of Mouthfeel: Confessions of a Wine Slut

An excerpt of Chapter 1 of the unpublished memoir, Mouthfeel: Confessions of a Wine Slut by Mari Kane.We laughed at our own pretentiousness even though we were indeed on a mission, as students of Wine Marketing 101, to observe patterns of consumption and purchasing at one of Sonoma County’s oldest wineries. But we could barely hear each other in the swirling vortex of descriptors and hokum in which we stood, where everybody around us was a critic...more

Celebrating the birthday of a great author and distant relative, Lucy Maud Montgomery

 Celebrating Lucy Maud Montgomery’s birthday with a Haiku: White Way of Delight Fills my heart with happiness We are almost home...more

One Then One Among Many - A Writer's Life

OneA painted donkey walks across a rain soaked field in Wapiti Valley, Wyoming. Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.Copyright by WyoJones....more

My Advent Reading List

 Happy Advent!Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it's time to look ahead to my favorite part of the year--Christmas! This year I'll be reading three books during the Christmas season: one is an annual favorite, but the other two are new for 2015....more

Illusion vs. Reality

I have been reading Don Quixote and one thing is for sure: this book is about illusion vs. reality, which is a human dilemma through and through. At first, I saw myself in Don Quixote. Now, I see other people in him. Events in different people's lives can be a certain way in their minds, when the reality is completely different.What does all this have to do with homeschooling?...more

Georgette Heyer-These Old Shades

The most wonderfully written books, ever! There is just something about Georgette Heyer and her style of writing. The perfect heroes, stoic, strong, chivalrous, honorable… heroes who demand your full attention and get it! :)...more
Denise Do read it! I love the Duke of Avon! :) And the best part is, it has a sequel! :)more

Six Romantic Places to visit in The UK for Literature Lovers

The United Kingdom has produced some of the most beautiful words ever written, by some of the most iconic and memorable Writers. It is no wonder therefore that there are so many corners of our little island touched by a literary hand. Our literature and places are intertwined in that we cannot help but envision a city, a village or a stretch of hillside through the eyes of the Writer’s who immortalised them within their work.  ...more

Best Book Gifts for Moms With a Bent Sense of Humor.

Fair Warning: This post is almost completely affiliate links. Not that anyone cares, but the feds say you have to announce that stuff, right? So there it is....more
marciasflawless , I was reading my husband excerpts from "Go the F**k to Sleep", and we were ...more

Book Review: Warren the 13th

Come to the Warren for the illustrations, but stay for the story. Warren the 13th and the All Seeing Eye hits bookshelves today, and it's a must-give-gift for your book lovers this holiday season....more