An Answer to the Problem of Finding Diverse Children's Books for All Children in All Families

Why is it so hard to find books for children that truly represent the diversity in our world? Author S. Bear Bergman shared with me that in 70% of children’s books where people are featured, boys are the main characters. In 93% of children’s books where people are featured, the main characters are white. In terms of books that feature gender-independent children or LGBT families, the percentage is negligible.  ...more
Js Dad If you read the kickstarter campaign this project supports books about people of color ...more

Booking a Time Travel Vacation

  I'm excited that author, Jennifer Jensen is taking you through the wormhole this week! So fun to find an author that loves time travel as much as I do, so here she is!!...more

No More Overdue Books: Getting Digital with Your Local Library

Greetings, Bookworms!I’ve told y’all a time or twelve how much I adore reading on my kindle. (Sorry physical book purists, this post will be of no interest to you. You have my full permission to daydream about unicorns and puppies and singing penguins.) One of the biggest drawbacks for me when I first got the kindle was that I had to pay for all my books. Sure, there were free classics, which is great, but a girl cannot live on classics alone. There are always free titles available too, but the only stuff I wanted to read I had to pay for....more

Book Club Selections: A Cheat Sheet

Howdy Bookworms!Show of hands, how many of y’all are in a book club (you know, in real life?) How many of you book clubbers get sweaty palms just thinking about the pressure that comes with choosing the next read for your club? Fear not, my friends, today I’m providing you with a handy cheat sheet for selecting a winning book!...more

Interview with Bernadette Bland, author of Flights of Fancy

 Title: Flight of FancyGenre: Poetry/Prose/Short StoryAuthor: Bernadette BlandPublisher: iUniversePages: 64Language: EnglishISBN - 978-1-45028-453-0...more

Press Release - Keep Watch

Marjorie's books 'Ladies of Class' and 'The Poison Pen' are soon to be released as a 'Book Bundle' by Vinspire Publishing...more

Interview with Beckie Butcher, author of My Battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

 Title: My Battle with Chronic Fatigue SyndromeGenre: Health/WellnessAuthor: Beckie ButcherPublisher: iUniversePages: 52Language: EnglishFormat: Ebook...more

The Fight - Book Review

The Fight was such an easy and quick read, I finished it in about a week. Yes, even stealing just a few minutes here and there. I really wanted to steal a few minutes here and there. Having enjoyed The Fight by Luke Wordley so much, writing this book review is easy. The chapters flew by so quickly, filled with description enough to pain the picture, but not overwhelming. The action and character development were so clear and engaging....more

'Prince of Thorns': Bloodthirsty, Epic, Anti-Hero Fun!

When I introduced 'The Book Circle' in my last post, I promised only 'Killer' reads would come from the hallowed minds of the circle... for my first 'Book Circle' review, I have decided to go one better with a truly Killer series. ...more