FF - Wild about Harry

There have been many Harrys in my life. The real Harry Houdini and his ...more

REVIEW: Zero Visibility by Georgia Beers

The really wonderful thing about Lesbian Fiction is that it has really become pretty diverse in terms of genre.Yes, I think we still have a ways to go, but there are more options to choose from today than there were in, say, 2000. Heck, in the last 10 years alone, the Golden Crown Literary Society has gone from giving out awards in 3 categories to giving out awards in 13 categories. (And I have no doubt that we’ll be adding categories in future years.) Like a good mystery/thriller? Not a problem. Enjoy sinking your teeth into a good vampire story? Yep, lots of those, too....more

And Now...for another STORYTIME SUNDAY!!

Good evening faithful readers! It's that time again--Sorytime Sunday! Today we have for you Chapter 8 of Bonded by Chance! Enjoy and we will see you next week! (My apologies to the readers who have read this before I edited it. I hadn't realized River had posted two more chapters since the last post I had made. OOPS!)Chapter 8 ...more

Book Review: #GIRLBOSS

Some of you may know that I would love to start my own business. Well I'm in the process of doing just that. Just a little blip of redoing one of my courses and finishing my program. In the meantime I'm revving up the business plan, so I'm already in business by the time April 21st rolls around. Now don't get me wrong if Google comes calling or an amazing startup catches my eye, I'm there. I'm all about multiple sources of income. Not because of greed but because of job security in this precarious job market....more

Building Vocabulary: 2015 Hump Day Book Club Reading List

Happy Friday!...more
Hi Lauren, Love your post and the book covers, I need to do this! I recently posted our book ...more

Why They Write - 7 Women Share

ashen.venema Gripping madness describes it exactly. Glad you found value in the post. :-)more

Would You Try a BDSM Scene From '50 Shades of Grey'?

While many of my friends binge-read Fifty Shades of Grey, pausing long enough to cook up a box of organic mac and cheese for their kids’ dinner, up until now, I'd only managed a handful of pages before tears of laughter blurred out the words. I’m no stranger to erotica but James’ writing was too juvenile and cheesy for my taste. Or so I thought. ...more
Absolutely not.more

How to Live When You Are Dying: Before I Go by Colleen Oakley

At last week's national book launch party for Colleen Oakley's Before I Go, more than one person issued the warning that I should keep a box of tissues nearby when reading the book....more

Book Review – THIS is me… by Sarah Ann Walker

THIS Is Me… by Sarah Ann Walker...more