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A tisket, a tasket

Today, I wish I had my new camera already. The cat's been adorable, Jason is in the kitchen throwing something delicious together for breakfast. ...more

Teacher Book Club

No, it's not what you're thinking. We do have a book club for leisure style reading at our school, but it includes students, too. We have a special book club for the educators in our school. Why? To read professional books and discuss how we can use what we've learned to help our students and our school....more

(Workingberlin)mum's Tip's Friday Announcement Week 3: What Parenting Books Work(ed) Best For You?

Due to a lack of online-ness (yes, I know I am in fact making up a word there) yesterday (it was 'The Lawyer's' birthday and computer time was not to be had) I didn't get the chance to write what the subject will be of tomorrow's (Workingberlin)Mum's Tip's Friday'! Rubbish I know. So here are the details for tomorrow: ...more

Spring Things

I would like spring to come back soon please. People in colder states/areas probably think I'm hilarious for this, since winter here is so incredibly mild, but I'm tired of being chilly and of everything being vaguely greenish-brown, short days and weak sunlight. It's pretty much time for green to come back, real green. For the kudzu to wake up and start moving, like some massive mindless predator, to cover everything in its path. ...more

(INTERVIEW) Erin Bried, Author of "How to Build a Fire"

For scrappy upcyclers and would-be renaissance women alike, Erin Bried's DIY book, How to Sew a Button and Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew, serves as a savvy guide to financially savvy, self-sufficient, and sustainable living. But why would a girl stop at just learning just what her grandma knows when she can pick up her grandpa's hard-learned lessons too? Thus, How to Sew a Button got a sequel of sorts: How to Build a Fire and Other Handy Things your Grandfather Knew, a more boyish set of DIY tips for the well-rounded modern man -- or woman! ...more

valentine giveway,autographed copy, eat pray love

(Not my autograph, not to worry). A CONTEST! Here's how you can enter to win: 1.  Leave a comment here sharing your favorite quote from the book. 2.  Post a link to this contest on your facebook page. 3.  Post a link to this contest on your blog....more

(REVIEW) Sex After 50: For Pamela Madsen, It's Shameless

Is there good sex after 50? Hell yeah! And if anyone wants a front-row seat at a roller-coaster ride of sexual energy and discovery, the book to glom onto is Shameless, just out from Rodale Press and by Pamela Madsen. Shameless is the story of Madsen’s post-marriage, post-40s, sexual reawakening, a journey that started with some very awkward (and oily) massages and culminated in trips to Arizona and California to explore tantra, spanking and BDSM. ...more

Pioneer Woman, Stirrup Queens, and Orangette: Bloggers Release Romance Books

The weather outside is frightful. And cold. All I want to do is huddle down in blankets and take bubble baths (yes, I read in the bathtub). My favorite type of book to read on a cold, blustery day is romance. They are a little bit of heat, a little bit of fantasy and they melt the winter blues away. My favorite source for finding books has been other bloggers but now bloggers themselves are tipping the tables. Bloggers are bringing romance to a bookshelf near you. ...more

I adored Melissa's book. So much. And now I'm almost done with The Pioneer Woman's love story ...more