Wicked Good - the final cover!

Please look at our blog at www.wickedgoodthebook.blogspot.com for our final cover. Let us know what you think.Thanks!Amy and Joannewww.wickedgoodthebook.blogspot.comamyandjoanne@gmail.com...more

"When there is no hope"...Gaining Courage in Tough Times!!!!!!!

. . . When you face a hardship in life, is fear the first emotion you feel? It doesn’t have to be. We can respond in faith regardless of our circumstances. Remember, courage isn’t just an attitude of toughness or determination. It is a quality of mind and spirit that enables us to meet the challenges of life with peace....more

Thank you Lord !!!!!! I feel wonderful.
Your promises Lord ,is all that we need to feel ...more

Ghost Hunter Susan Kronick on ‘Sarah, They’re Coming for You Virtual Book Tour 2011′

Join ghost hunter Susan Kronick as she tours the blogosphere April 4 – May 27 2011 with Pump Up Your Book to talk about her new autobiographical paranormal, Sarah, They’re Coming For You (Wild Child Publishing)....more

Praise for the weak things

She wasn't young, beautiful, clever, or especially brave. So who could've guessed that an aging spinster who had rarely been away from home, would have such an impact on the lives around her and for generations to come? ...more

Writing with my kids

So I've been doing a lot of non-writing lately. Or, more accurately, writing for purposes other than other's enjoyment, as that's the only way I can think of accurately describing a Needs Assessment document or a Benefit Communication Piece. I mean, I'm sure the people reading the needs assessments and benefit communications feel very...entertained in some way or another, but those venues are not typically accessing the creative part of my brain, thus I don't think of them as "writing" exactly....more

Wicked Good - Cover Art Part 4 - we have found our cover!

We have spoken with our publisher and they approve of the cover our brother, Warren, has designed for our novel, Wicked Good. Please go to our blog at www.wickedgoodthebook.blogspot.com to check it out. Thanks. Amy and Joannewww.wickedgoodthebook.blogspot.comjtawnylewis@gmail.com...more

Show & Tell: NieNie Asks -- What Book Changed Your Life?

What book has changed or helped your life? Me, I love a love story, like Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond's latest book. What about you? Show me a picture or tell me in the comments. I want to know! ...more

Growing up, I never much cared for reading. Reading was something I HAD to do in school. Later ...more

How One Writer/Blogger/Non-Journalist Scored a Celebrity Chef Interview

The other day I had a unique opportunity to speak with a celebrity chef. Trust me  he really is a celebrity chef. While not widely known to the average American, his cooking prowess can do the speaking for him far better than I can. Hari Nayak is an author, culinary consultant and an internationally recognized chef of Indian cuisine....more

Wicked Good - Cover Art Part 3 - the search for the perfect cover continues...

  We heard from our publisher this morning. They like the photo we've chosen to be on the cover of Wicked Good but are having a hard time blending the brown grass with the green of the trees. They're working on it. We'll post the cover as soon as we get it. To see the photo, go to our blog at www.wickedgoodthebook.blogspot.com. Enjoy the moon tonight. JoAmy and Joannewww.wickedgoodthebook.blogspot.comjtawnylewis@gmail.com...more

Poetic Novels: Oxymoronic?

When a writer I know proudly called her prose "poetic," she meant to highlight its lush language. She was crestfallen when readers found it weedy, overgrown, and humid.  Decked-out, souped-up language that calls attention to itself isn't poetic in the best sense.There are subtler elements to consider when writing a long piece. Sonics, for instance, count heavily in an art form meant to be heard. Rhythm, cadence, and phrasing, are all musical elements that drive a story and make a reader want to turn the pages....more