Love Nouveau ( The Art of Falling Book 1) ***BOOK REVIEW***

 I just finished a new book by what I assume is new author in the romance world B.L. Berry . Love Noveau was a great read! The main characters Ivy and Phoneix were outstanding. I felt like I was right in there in the room. Especially the confrontations with Ivy's mother. Ivy needs to have a come to Jesus meeting with her mother. Whew and her sister.........I nearly threw my kindle across the room she made me so mad. Phoneix starts off as the "perfect" guy but he has issues himself. This story is sad and sweet....more
BLBerrywrites you're welcome ...can't wait for the next book ❤️more

Christmas eReader Diving

Dia De Los Muertos ArtArtwork at the Dia De Los Muertos Festival hosted by MECA in the Sixth Ward near downtown Houston Texas. Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission....more

Interview with Glenn Bassett, author of Wordplay

 Title: WordplayAuthor: Glenn BassettPublisher: Organization DiagnosticsPages: 270Genre: BusinessFormat: Paperback/Kindle...more

Interview with Timothy Spillane, author of Four Before Their Time

 Title: Four Before Their TimeAuthor: Timothy SpillanePublisher: Skitterbird, LLCPages: 342Genre: MemoirFormat: Paperback/Kindle...more

Spirit of Writing Week 6: Edit and Revise...Now and Forever

This weekend, especially with a long holiday coming up and the end of National Novel Writing Month, respect your accomplishments but commit yourself to EDITING in December. So, by the start of the new year, you will have a project (or two, or three) ready to go...End 2014 writing, not planning to write again in 2015. The Spirit of Writing: 12 Weeks of Practice.......more

'That Which We Do Not Understand' is definitely something you should back on Kickstarter

Who here is a fan of art that deals with the unknown? Oh, you're all raising your hands. Great. I have something for you. It's called That Which We Do Not Understand. ...more

The Death of Anyone Review – A tough / sweet woman.

Happy Sunday! Today is not a working day, so let’s enjoy this thriller, and tomorrow we will continue with the marketing! Enjoy!One way or another DJ Swykert always finds the way to keep the reader at the edge of the couch, whether it is romance, adventure or crime, it becomes really hard to stop reading....more

Gone Girl Book Review

All of last week while in Missouri, I spent reading Gone Girl. I was especially enjoying the fall weather that they had and reading on my Kindle with a cold Shocktop (Honey Crisp Apple Wheat!) sitting in my lounge chair. It was absolutely perfect. And how I spent basically a portion of every day. I was super excited to read Gone Girl....more

If I Stay Book Review

I might lose some friends after this. But I have to speak my mind after reading the ever so popular book If I Stay....more

We Were Liars Book Review

Ah, yes. Another book review you say....more