Curating Venus

Margie opened her eyes to several of The Regents hovering and shouting at her. Thunderbird's handclap next to her ear brought her back to the situation at hand.  Fully conscious now, she sat up, noting that someone had finally given her a chair, and trying to remember when. "While you were recounting your story, we connected you to our Timeline," Link explained, "it generates a frequency, an energy that helps you remember details - it's been known to render the more sensitive humans unconscious."...more

Story time!

Hey readers! Sorry for not making a post yesterday. I've renewed my World of Warcraft subscription so I've been really into the game again. It's made me slack on my reading and my writing a bit. BAD RIVER! I know, haha. To make up for not posting yesterday (and because one of the poems is really short), I'm posting TWO poems for you today!!! I hope you thoroughly enjoy them :) Reality?Relevenance is a relative term,when relativity becomes irrelevant.When reality becomes skewed,it's difficult to know what's real....more

Post-Traumatic Stress Derailment by Afrah Caraballo

 Title: Post-Traumatic Stress DerailmentAuthor: Afrah CaraballoPublisher: iUniversePages: 45Genre: Health/MedicineFormat: Ebook...more

Writing a Novel Based on True Events... Should You Do It?

My Grandmother was in town for the holidays and while at my house - freezing and watching my pathetic attempts to start a fire using my first draft - she asked to read a few pages.I beat around the bush for as long as she'd let me. "I don't know. This is my first draft and my second draft on the computer is so much better.""Computer?" Grandma isn't a technology friend. "Just give me a few pages."...more

Books, Beauty, Code, Health & More - a BlogHer blogger Mimi

9/29 UPDATE: I am working on a new project involving books, technology, and kids.  If you have children, please take the survey on Google Docs here and find out a little but more about what I'm to: So, after discovering female bloggers through SITS (Where Women Get Social) & this site I decided to create a BlogHer!I am a 20-something young woman...more

Vanilla Bride - Part One

Margie's retelling was stilted, lifeless.  As if she were checking each insurrection of her husband's behavior off a list, not wanting the emotion, the pain, or the shame to interrupt her concentration.  When she opened her eyes and looked out to the Regents, she suddenly wished she'd negotiated harder for that chair.  She continued, relenting to her emotions a bit -"Compromising one's self isn't very difficult."The Regent's remained silent as she continued....more

The English Mysteries Marjorie Owen

Two international mysteries in one! Set in a sleepy town in England, these books take you into the mind of a renowned Inspector and take you on a journey to catch a killer.!the-english-mysteries/cxmm...more

Sneaky Pete

After emailing with Pete a few times, we decided to meet at a local wine bar. I was excited. I hadn’t ever used an online dating service before, it was new to me – and it was the early 2000s – so it was new to everyone.  Once I got there I noticed the restaurant was actually closed, Pete showed up a few minutes later, and our eyes met for the first time.  I thought he was gorgeous. Black hair, clear blue eyes – with a vague resemblance to Anthony Kiedis from the Chili Peppers....more

Why Marie-Nicole Ryan Wrote Mastering the Marshal

Truly? You really want to know why I wrote Mastering the Marshal, a historical western romance? Okay, then I’ll tell you. I needed a third book to end my Loving the Lawman series, and that’s what I wrote. But why did I write a historical western series in the first place might be a better question....more

Social Security - Edited

The last good memory Margie had of her step-father was Spring of 2011. They were standing in line together at the Social Security Office, because, for what seemed like the twelfth time in two years, she had “lost” her identification; credit cards, check book – or whatever credential that, as fate would have it, Margie would need to secure an unemployment check.  It became routine. Lose license, unemployment password expires or she forgot it, need license to fax to unemployment office in order to get a new password....more