Books You Might Want to Read in Light Of Bruce Jenner's Transgender Decision

Wow. Bruce Jenner has been in the news a lot lately and whether you understand his transgender decision or not, it's probably time that we start to understand transgenderism. I'm by no means an expert but just like you, I want to know what it's all about and I want to be open and available to people who are identifying with a body different from the one they were born with. ...more

Book Intro: Stolen Songbird, by Danielle Jensen

I've had Stolen Songbird on my list of "must-reads" for quite some time now, and it was with a happy circumstance that my friend Kate picked this one for our online book club here at Mainely Maven. I also am relieved to step back into the realm of a young adult fantasy novel, it is after all my comfort zone no matter how much older I'll be getting. Without further ado, I introduce you to the new book club pick!...more

Book Review: Ashfall, by Mike Mullin

I finished Ashfall just last night. I'm glad that I picked this book to read because it has been different from any other's that I've read thus far. I know that it is a trilogy, and this is the first of three. I will say however that I won't be following up on the others. It isn't to say that Mike Mullin did a bad job, it's just that I think I'm all set for now. Which means I will most likely fall back to Ashfall and the successors....more

On Anniversaries: KG Stutts

I'm excited to find KG Stutts in the wormhole today! She's celebrating, so it is SAFE to go in. And to have fun! Take it away, KG...It's been a year since KG Stutts came onto the independent book scene with Mirror Image. She later went on to publish five more book during 2014, all but two in her beloved sci-fi romance genre....more

Silence is deafening...

Or so it would appear in Ashfall… It takes true silence of individuals no longer talking, or even being alone to contemplate the meaning of a deafening silence. It becomes an anomaly, because in truth there is never silence in the world. Yet the silence of humans no longer talking, and the silence of animals no longer in being helps highlight the sounds of your own inner monologue. It also highlights how Yellowstone's eruption only created deafness in the form of earth's dying throes. ...more

‘A Few Days with My God and My Angel’

True StoryInterview and Review ‘A Few Days with My God and My Angel’ Santhosh K. Thomas ...more

On Writing the "Sh*tty First Draft"

I've been working on the same novel since 1999. Let me do the math for you. That's sixteen years, folks. Now, mind you, I wasn't "applying ass to chair" every day of those sixteen years. I took a five-year hiatus to drink my face off in Cleveland, for example. I was on break during my divorce and moves back and forth across country. I was definitely on leave during my five surgeries....more

Saints and Heroes by Andrew Schultz

 Title: Saints and HeroesAuthor: Andrew SchultzPublisher: iUniversePages: 244Genre: Action AdventureFormat: Ebook/Paperback...more

In Her Down Time She Wrote THE VISTA

Think back to the days of video stores. I'm not kidding. In 1998 I was managing a couple of video stores in the middle of Michigan. Busy in the evenings and weekend, but the middle of the week not so much....more