My Reading List

I'm the type of person who always has a stack of books taller than me on my reading list.  I've got a bookshelf in my room filled mostly with books I haven't read yet, about 20 samples on my iPad, and a Goodreads account with more books than I can remember.  Somehow though, I always want more books.  I'm always looking for that one that's going to be can't-put-it-down, change-your-life kind of a book, so my list keeps growing....more

Things we say, but don't say

Imagine being twenty three, married just over a year.... and now thinking, Is this really all there is??My husband is great, no doubt. The kind that wants to make everyone happy, all the time. But also the kind who feels that happiness in life is restricted to 1, Get married 2, Settle down (where it is convenient to be with his family every time,  all the time) 3, Have kids 4, Grow old....more

Create a Bucket List for this Summer

Create a summer bucket list and figure out what you desire to do in these bright and sunny months. Try out new activities, travel to new places or learn a new sport; do something worthwhile. We bring to you some ideas of our own to help you get started....more
I love bucket lists, and your post has inspired me to create a bucket list for each month of the ...more

Golf Balls are Female by Robert Knox

  Title: Golf Balls are FemaleAuthor: Robert KnoxPublisher: iUniversePages: 282Genre: Humourous/FictionFormat: Kindle...more

Book Reviews for Spice Box

I recently signed up to be a review blogger as part of the Literati Author Services. I love the idea of this service for indie publishers becuase it gets their stories out into the real world with some real backers. ...more

Why Margaret Taylor Wrote ALL IN THE NAME OF LOVE

I wrote this book originally because I’ve been head over heels with a certain movie star for years! That and I was always curious as to how far a character would go, in the name of love. I put to the two together and viola, I came out with a suspenseful tale of murder, mob bosses, mysteries and love....more

The Thrill of a Second Chance

Martha Carr, authorMy fifties started with a bang.  I jumped out of a plane, following behind the person I was interviewing for a book.  As soon as I was clear of the plane I felt myself relax and one clear thought came...more

Encore! Encore! Why the Harry Potter Series Will Never Get Old

It seems like just yesterday I was waiting in line at Barnes & Noble, eagerly counting down to midnight with a lightning bolt tattooed on my forehead, a custom-made wand in hand, and a four-corner smile on my face.That’s right, I admit it. I was a Harry Potter nerd. I lived for the midnight release parties. Once that book got in my hands, I’d spend the following 48 hours holed up in a room reading the dictionary-sized novels non-stop....more

Ripples in Opperman's Pond by Doug Zipes

 Title: Ripples in Opperman’s PondAuthor: Doug ZipesPublisher: iUniversePages: 288Genre: ThrillerFormat: Ebook...more

A Kiss for You by Dianne Powell-Eddings

  Title: A Kiss for YouAuthor: Dianne Powell-EddingsPublisher: iUniversePages: 92Genre: PoetryFormat: Ebook...more