#HaleNo: When the Bully thinks she’s the victim

If you were on Twitter earlier this week, you probably saw #HaleNo trending – it was in response to Kathleen Hale’s piece in the Guardian where she shared the tragic story in which her life was RUINED by a book blogger who devoted their entire life harassing her. Which, given the stories we hear about online trolls/bullies, doesn’t seem too far-fetched, does it? Only, if you read the piece (linked using donotlink so that it won’t improve the Guardian’s site ranking), it’s clear that isn’t what happened at all ....more

30 Great Chapter Books for Younger Readers

These 30 short chapter books will not only enthrall your child, but they will spark your child’s interest and imagination, and are sure to get your child enthusiastic about reading. ...more

Story Time

It’s Story Time on The Roasted Root! Fancy a song to get us in story mode? Yeah ya do! Readyyyyy, okay! Let’s make a circle, one two three, come on over sit down with me. Let’s make it round and make it fat, let’s make a circle just… like… that! That song may or may not have been copied and pasted directly from my first grade classroom. ...more

When Reading Becomes the Preferred Form of Playing

Play is a child's work, my educator mother told me over and over. And time and again, I watched my boy punch the clock. The plastic ticky clock that only displays one-half of each number and plays an aggravating, sugary Sesame Street tune on the hour. But over the last few months, playing has been demoted. ...more
Reading have lots of good benefits but it is rarely seen in child as form of their play unless ...more

Celebrate National Haiku Day with Books for Your Kids

Happy National Haiku Poetry Day! I remember being absolutely infatuated with haiku as a child discovering the vast world of poetry. I would count syllables on my fingers -- 5, 7, 5 -- and write whatever came to mind. I still love a good haiku, which is why I loved Erica's post at What Do We Do All Day? If you want to introduce your kiddos to the fun world of haiku, check out this list of fun books. ...more

Perseverance Pays Off: Signing a Book Deal

As a professional writing student major in college, part of my curriculum was to take a creative writing class. There were 15 of us in the class, and on the first day she asked how many wanted a book deal, and over half of us raised our hands. She looked at us, and bluntly said, "Chances are, only one of you will get it." ...more

Books I HAD to Buy but Still Have Not Read

I watch for the book release day. I count the days until I can get that book in my hands. The day comes, I buy and then... nothing. It gets added to my shelves and sits unread. Sometimes for days, sometimes for years, and I have little piles of books dotted around the house. ...more

Spoiler Alerts for History Books? Maybe

My grand daughters have been reading fiction for years. They have just started reading history books. They have learned not to spoil a book for each other by talking about the characters and their problems at the dinner table. They want to preserve the mystery. ...more

She-Hulk and Rogue as Romance Novels? It's On.

Editor's Note: Female super heroines looking for love. Yes, it's true. Gaming Angels has all the details about this latest twist in the tales of She-Hulk and Rogue. -Virginia ...more

10 Easy Ways to Mark Darwin's Birthday

Evolution, or the process by which living organisms change over time, was not discovered by Charles Darwin. But he certainly gave the theory its street cred. By introducing natural selection — the idea that organisms best suited to survive in their particular circumstances have a greater chance of passing their traits on to the next generation — Darwin gave us a plausible mechanism by which evolution could take place. And that made all the difference. ...more
We had a Darwin Day party on Sun. (cc @WendyRussell @blogher @JentheHumanist ). posted Darwin ...more