Do Books on Grief Make Grief Harder?

I didn't want anyone telling me how to grieve or giving me advice on something so crippling and unforgiving. I didn't want someone telling me it would be okay eventually or that I needed to move on and this was how to do it. I did read two books, but mostly memoirs of those who had babies die before me. I craved that literature, as I wanted to know I wasn't alone. But a psychiatrist's point of view about how to handle the worst thing conceivable? I wanted nothing to do with those words. ...more
Spot on. For the record, I hated Tear Soup, the only book I opened as well, and then shut half ...more

100 Books By Black Women You Need to Read

With Black History Month underway, it's a great time to pick up a book that brings to life the experiences of Black women in America. Kimberly N. Foster at For Harriet has put together a comprehensive list of 100 books that everyone should read. They include classic literature such as Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God, non-fiction works such as Shirley Chisholm's autobiography Unbought and Unbossed to newer works like Heidi Durrow's The Girl Who Fell From the Sky (I've been meaning to read this one!)....more
I loved 'Half of a Yellow Sun!' Sadly, that is the only book on this list I have read. I must ...more

She-Hulk and Rogue as Romance Novels? It's On.

Editor's Note: Female super heroines looking for love. Yes, it's true. Gaming Angels has all the details about this latest twist in the tales of She-Hulk and Rogue. -Virginia ...more

10 Easy Ways to Mark Darwin's Birthday

Evolution, or the process by which living organisms change over time, was not discovered by Charles Darwin. But he certainly gave the theory its street cred. By introducing natural selection — the idea that organisms best suited to survive in their particular circumstances have a greater chance of passing their traits on to the next generation — Darwin gave us a plausible mechanism by which evolution could take place. And that made all the difference. ...more
We had a Darwin Day party on Sun. (cc @WendyRussell @blogher @JentheHumanist ). posted Darwin ...more

Fifty Shades of Grey... Oops!

Months and months ago, when the world started buzzing about 50 Shades of Grey, Sassymonkey said to me, "I sure hope some mom doesn't get confused and buy Fifty Shades of Grey for her kid, thinking it's Between Shades of Gray." I laughed and said I ...more
@Roxana_the_Aviddiva  No apologies necessary. ;-)more

Government-Forced Reading? Ayn Rand's Ironic Influence on the GOP

Love or hate Ayn Rand, anyone whose read Atlas Shrugged sees the irony in an Idaho Republican lawmaker's symbolic bill forcing the reading of the novel in order for public school students to graduate....more
@Rita Arens  If they really want to get teenagers to read something, they should ban the book.  ...more

Book Review: Twitter for Good

Nonprofits can and must use social media to further their mission and engage with their audience. This book review of "Twitter for Good: Change the World One Tweet at a Time" gives some specific outlines on how nonprofits can do just that. ...more

Ikea Hack: Built-in Bookshelves With Windowseat for Under $350

When we finished our basement a couple of years ago, we made one room an office and lined the walls with IKEA BILLY bookshelves. This summer, when we decided we never really used the office and the space would be better as an art studio, we needed to do something with the books and some of the bookshelves to make room for the large craft tables we now wanted for the space. A friend mentioned an IKEA Hack. I looked it up on-line and became inspired. ...more
We're talking about adding on to our house and this is exactly what I want in the ...more

Confused by Facebook? Try Facebook All-In-One For Dummies

For years, I've been sending folks who want to learn how to blog to Melanie Nelson's Blogging Basics 101 blog. When people have questions about Typepad in particular, I send people to Melanie's (and Shannon's) book, Typepad for Dummies. Now, when people ask me questions about Facebook, I'm sending them to Melanie's book, Facebook All-In-One for Dummies -- it's a great resource, for those just learning the ropes and for hardcore users like myself. ...more
hey, just thought I'd let you know about this great Starbucks offer. Hope I got to you in time ...more

Should There Be Any True Stories in Fiction Writing?

I started working on my young adult novel, The Obvious Game, in 2009, after the hubbub of my promoting my parenting anthology, Sleep Is for the Weak, wore off. I needed a new project, and I knew I wanted it to be a novel. When I thought about what I wanted to write about, I knew it was anorexia. ...more
@Julie Ross Godar Yep! Isn't Berkeley awesome?more