Jaden Hair on Her Second Steamy Kitchen Cookbook, "Healthy Asian Favorites"

This year is proving to be a big one for Jaden Hair. The popular blogger is releasing her second cookbook, Steamy Kitchen’s Healthy Asian Favorites, and she also has big plans for her family’s Florida homestead (aquaponics garden, anyone?). ...more

Revisit High School with "Here I Go Again"

Pretty much any time someone mentions high school, I thank my lucky stars that those years are behind me and I don't need to revisit them. They weren't the worst years, but there weren't my glory days, either. But what if they had been the best years? What if I discovered I messed them up entirely? If those questions intrigue you, step right up to Jen Lancaster's new novel, Here I Go Again, and enter Lissy Ryder's world. ...more
No. Definitely not prepared to go back in time... but if my husband (whom I met in high school, ...more

5 Ways to Celebrate 200 Years of 'Pride and Prejudice'

Two hundred years ago on January 28, 1813, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice was published. Generations have read it and fallen in love with it just as Elizabeth and Darcy fell in love with each other. Here are five ways you can celebrate the anniversary of this classic story. ...more
Nice post! I'm obviously very late to this discussion, but I'd also add: go do some English ...more

It Takes an Egg Timer: Interview with Joanne Tombrakos

Do you wish you had more time? Who doesn't! We've all got 24 hours in a day. It's what you DO with those hours that counts and creates your life. ...more

Help! I've Fallen Into a Reading Slump and I Can't Get Out!

I keep telling myself it's just that time of year. We're in the middle of a cold snap -- it's the kind of deep cold you feel all the way to your marrow. Some people consider January host to the most depressing day of the year so realistically, I'm not particularly surprised that I am in a reading slump. It happens and it's not unusual for it to happen during the cold, dark days of winter. However, this might be the slumpiest reading slump I've ever been in and I honestly don't know how to get out of it. ...more
I hope you get out of the slump soon.   I do get in dry spells where I can't find books that ...more

Are Sex Surrogates Therapists with Benefits?

Over the last forty years, Cheryl Cohen Greene has had intimate relations with more than 900 people. Although her job involves getting paid to have sexual contact with strangers, Cheryl is not a sex worker: she is a surrogate partner. ...more
I am the author of  "I was a sex surrogate" that was published this past October in Salon.com. I ...more

15 Books for Chronicling Your Life

I love books that are "projects" and help you easily document your story. I find myself drawn to them in bookstores and often can't resist buying one or two a year. With it being New Year's Eve, I thought it was the perfect day to share my favorite 15 books to help you chronicle life. Consider ordering one and documenting 2013 in a quick and easy way....more

The Smothers Brothers: Dangerously Funny

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know about the Smothers Brothers. As a child, I grew up listening and laughing along with their old vinyl records, which eventually were replaced with a couple of CDs. In my home, we used their comedic material as standard family jokes, from the slithereedee to pumas in crevices to “Mom always liked you best.” ...more
I was born in 1980 and I also LOVE The Smothers Brothers!  They were on TV on Saturday nights ...more

9 Reasons You Might Want to Self-Publish

Have you ever considered self-publishing? Have you ever wondered why others self-publish? Kirsten Oliphant, who blogs at I Still Hate Pickles, recently self-published two books. She has posted nine reasons why she self-published and why you might want to consider doing it yourself. ...more