Working Out While Pregnant

The first few weeks after finding out I was pregnant, I worked out normally, just removing abs from my regime. And then I got sick. Really sick. And tired. Once I started treating my chronic sickness with Zofran, I was able to jump back into a regular (ish) routine. 4 workouts a week- cardio, back/triceps, shoulders/biceps, and legs. ...more

Can the '3 to See' Galvanize the New WNBA?

The WNBA began its 17th season of play over Memorial Day weekend. That's about 16 seasons longer than early skeptics gave the league. But lo and behold, women's basketball is alive and kicking. And with the infusion of fresh talent, namely phenom Brittney Griner, the league holds tantalizing promise this year, ...more

Sports Apps: Recovering From Major Sport Injuries

Sports and fitness apps are all the rage! Ever since Nike Fit came on the market, we have analyzed and tried out different devices and Apps. However, our athletic career came to a standstill when we almost severed our Achilles. Thank goodness our friends, family and physical therapist (pt) introduced us to some helpful Sports Apps that can spur recovery from major athletic injuries. ...more
Great post, love the idea of sharing with Moms of Athletes, help keep them healthy or from ...more

4th Grade is Too Late To Start a Sport. Seriously?!

My son Josh signed up to play Pony League baseball in fourth grade.  His best friend from church, Sammy, talked him into it.  Sammy, a very athletic child, had already been playing baseball for a few seasons.  Josh, on the other hand, was brand new to the game.  It quickly became apparent that at age 9, it was much too late to start a new sport....more
I came across this article while writing a paper about the overly competitiveness of youth ...more

We Said Yes... to Competitive Gymnastics

(Editor's Note: Some kids are natural athletes who dream from a young age of winning Olympic medals. Others are not so athletically inclined and need a little push when it comes to competition. As parents we think we know what's best for our kids but it's sometimes difficult to know when, and how much, to push. Kelli, from Minivans are Hot, recently struggled with the decision to begin gymnastics training for her young daughter. Read on to see how it worked out. ~js)...more
Let me give you some encouragement…. I was that girl. I started classes at 3, was competing by ...more

Baseball-themed Gift Bucket & Tag

My son’s 3rd grade teacher is a big Milwaukee Brewers fan, so this year we plan to give her a baseball-themed gift bucket. I also wanted to incorporate the Brewers logo somehow, so I decided to Mod Podge the logo onto the bucket. I have designed a baseball gift tag to go along with it.This would also be a perfect gift for a baseball or softball coach. You can just change the gifts inside to fit the person receiving the gift....more

The Stigma of Abortion, and How It Connects Chris Evert and Kermit Gosnell

We’ve had two major stories this week around abortion. As wildly different as they are, they both share an important thread. ...more
WHen blaming this man for making choices that you don't agree with and supporting that by ...more

Two Little Boys, Gender Stereotypes and Strength Sports

I usually workout either alone or with my buddies at my home gym, known as “the powerhouse” by my friends. One day recently, however, I was at Crossfit Brasil with two other people, doing weightlifts....more
I am not necessarily sure that I agree with your reductive assignment to children and critical ...more

Mother's Day 2013 Edition: Athlete Moms

(This post is an annual round-up, updated for 2013, of female athletes who are also  moms. Let us know in the comments who else you think should be included.)Being a professional athlete is demanding but being a professional athlete and a mom? That’s a whole other level of determination and dedication. ...more

For Profit Races: Good or Bad?

(Running in an organized race can be a lot of fun and many times the race benefits a local cause or non-profit organization. Lately, more and more for-profit companies are displacing those charitable races with themed runs and highly produced events. Is that good or bad? Somewhere in the Sun takes a look at the latest incarnation of races and lets us know what she thinks. Do you agree? ~js)The Color Run by The Pug Father via Flickr...more