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 Maybe I’m a prude. So be it....more

The Day I Heard Her Dad Tell Her, "Not Bad for a Girl"

"Not bad for a girl." It made me cringe from the top of my head down the tips of my blue-painted toenails. Words spoken by a father to his little girl about her belt promotion in karate. It wasn't meant to be mean. He was just kidding. It was their little inside joke. He couldn't be prouder, actually. But he still said the words. And she still heard them. ...more
You would be amazed how the chauvenistic streak is still present in the UK tennis scene.  Think ...more

The Tragedy of Little League's Jackie Robinson West Baseball Team

 Little League’s Jackie Robinson West was a true old-fashioned American feel-good story....more

The Problem with Domestic and Sexual Violence PSAs at the Grammy Awards and the Super Bowl

The fight to address violence against women is having a pop culture moment, literally trending last night during the Grammys and last week when the NFL aired an ad for the NO MORE Campaign during the Super Bowl.  ...more
I think she makes good points, but I still think the PSA's are good. It's just that they need ...more

5 Steps to Start Your Kid’s Athletic Recruiting Journey

Kids are being recruited as early as 8th grade; the pressure on parents to begin their child’s recruiting efforts earlier and earlier is on the rise. While this is the extreme, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) has not taken any steps to date to limit this phenomenon....more

Be Careful of Monday Morning Quarterbacking

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What NFL Players Could Learn From Little Leagues.

While Patriots fans were screaming and jumping up down and Seahawks fans were in standing frozen in complete shock, I found myself talking to the television:"Uh. Oh. Settle down, boys!"I could see it coming. I'm sure all 130 million of us could see it coming as the shoving and pushing and wrestling and full on rugby-scrumming broke out on the field.I get it. The frustration. The loss. The passion that they had been playing with all night long. The expectation. The brotherhood of testosterone-filled teammates....more

Indoor Skydiving with iFly Toronto


Super Bowl Antics

The football game was great. A lot of good and bad plays alike including the infamous last 25 seconds left in the fourth quarter. We will be getting to that. The whole game was an all around awesome super bowl. Both teams both left everything they had amounted to until the end of the super bowl game. They both gave it their all one way or another. I also liked the half time show. Katy Perry was amazing and having guest performances was even better. At the end with the fireworks was a perfect touch between her singing and the fireworks, it was genuinely a great sight....more

MM - This and that

Spring is almost here! Bright Imbolc blessings to all (yes, I'm ignoring what the silly groundhog said). I lit my candle (vanilla cream) and have it next to my keyboard, reminding me of warm days to come... ....more