A Day For Gator Miracles

What warms a mother's heart? Most mothers would say their child's smile, sound of ...more

Culture and Chemistry Matter

Wow… that was an unbelievable World Series!  If you watched it passionately as I did, you know what I’m talking about.  Even if you didn’t and you don’t know or care that much about baseball or sports, there are a number of things that made this World Series remarkable and also some important things we can learn from it that go way beyond baseball and sports in general....more

WNBA players honor dying Mount St. Joseph freshman Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill committed to Mount St. Joseph to play basketball on her 18th birthday....more

Managing Shin Splints

Can you believe that its already Thursday. I’ve told you guys about how I’ve been dealing with shin splints for the past few months. But I thought I would actually tell you guys in more detail how I have been managing the pain while still playing volleyball. ...more

Competitive Sports: Just a Game - or More Than That?

I have always encouraged my kids to keep their sports participation in perspective.  "It's just a game" or "It's just a race" are phrases I have often uttered. This week, I am re-examining that philosophy. ...more


One of the marketing strategies to get more information about your child out to the coaches is to create a highlight video.  The highlight video gives the coach an opportunity to see your child’s skill level and technique....more

Not Your Average PowderPuffs

There's a longstanding joke amongst my friends that I'm the President of The Mob Society - Mothers Of Boys.I have three. Ten, eight, and not-quite-two, they all have two speeds, a hundred miles an hour and full stop when they crash....more

Letter to a Royals Fan

Letter to a Royals Fan      CONGRATULATIONS! Twenty-nine years and you've made it to the World Series.     Born and raised in Kansas City, I was fourteen when the Royals won in 1985. When Denkinger's "safe" call in game six changed the way St. Louis would forever feel about KC. But for us, it was magical providence. After college I married a St. Louis boy and diehard Card's fan....more

Recap: 2014 Great Sports Legend Dinner

In its 29th year, the annual Great Sports Legends Dinner, hosted by NFL Hall of Famer Nick Buoniconti and his son Marc, raised funds to support the ground-breaking spinal cord injury research. Researchers at The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis are the world’s most comprehensive spinal cord injury research center which is based at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. The evening started off with a VIP reception, that included a silent auction of some great sports memorabilia.  Now on to the actual dinner and awards reception....more

If The Shoe Fits..

 Lately I’ve been frequenting a couple different run club Facebook Group pages, the ‘Run JunkEes Run Club' and 'Trail and Ultra Running’....more