Because Dad taught me to fish

In honor of my dad, Bob “Ski” Olesky, with thanks for the many lessons I learned because he taught me to fish....more

World Cup Songs #TGIF Playlist

Let’s Rejoice In The Beautiful Game And Sing Your Hearts OutEvery fours years the world joins together to celebrate the largest sporting event. The beautiful game of soccer can unify nations and fans to root for the best....more

Is Goldy Gopher Real?

This post is inspired and guided by (and heavily cribbed from)  Martha Brackenbough’s letter to her daughter about a similarly magical individual. You can read that letter here. Please know that while this post was written partially as a parody of Ms....more

5 Ways To Get Ready For The 2014 World Cup

Starting Today, The World Cup is Center Stage!There is no question that the World Cup is the largest sporting event around the world. It comes around every four years and though the 2014 World Cup has been plagued with controversies, the event is still estimated to break viewership records. Social media fever will most likely play role in the 2014 World Cup with social giant like Facebook creating an area called “Trending World Cup,” to help its 40% soccer fan base to keep up with scores, news and player information. Twitter and Instagram hashtags like #WorldCup, #Brazil2014, and even the new ‘Hashflags’ introduced will raise the awareness of this epic event.So, how do you jump into this crazy mess? Here’s your five must do’s!...more

Going the distance

"…when I overtake a twentysomething year old guy I always want to yell over my shoulder:  ‘hey you were smoked by a forty-seven year old woman wearing a skirt’.  I never actually do this, but I always want to!"...more

Women-Only Races: Brilliant or Holding Women Back?

The Nike Women’s Half Marathon took place in DC. When I was considering racing halves this spring, this race made my list of “maybes” due to the timing, the location being not too far from NYC, and rumors about the course being flat and fast. Music to my ears. When I mentioned to some people that I was thinking about the race, I got mixed reactions – anything from, “Do it! So fun and a great race!” to “Wait… really? I can’t imagine you would even consider that race!” ...more
I see no issue with women-only races.  It is a great bonding experience and I support anything ...more

The Greatest Game Ever Played, But You Missed It

You realized you missed the greatest game, do you change your ways?I love sports. I may not know all the players or live by the stats, but I can tell you that I love my teams. Last night, my favorite baseball team, the Angels, were down 3 to 5 at the bottom of the 8th inning. I turned the game off....more

Golf Digest Sinks Into Sexist Sandtrap with Paulina Gretzky Cover

*The following post originally appeared on my personal blog, "Beyond Lipstick and Petticoats: A Site Celebrating Women"* ...more
I think it is great to have a woman on the cover, but she should not have to pose any ...more

Batting with boys

At a recent Little League baseball game my attention, to be perfectly honest, was somewhat divided between watching my son Webster play, chatting with other mums and working a little on my laptop, when all of a sudden I thought I spotted a swinging ponytail out of the corner of my eye.  Long haired boys are not uncommon where we live, so I focused my eyes fully on the field and to my delight discovered that the opposing team did indeed have a girl player.     ...more