Treadmills for Tots?

At what age should parents begin a gym workout with their kids? Does a preschooler really need a grueling circuit training workout? ...more

Exclusive Interview: Fastpitch Phenom, Angela Tincher: Part 1 - The Beginning

Softball pitcher, Angela Tincher, 2008 National Collegiate Player of the Year, third on the NCAA all-time strikeout leader list, and National Professional Faspitch player, was kind enough to take a break from her busy softball schedule to answer some questions for Six months ago, Angela Tincher led Virginia Tech University to a historical no hit, shut out win against Team USA. Every amazing athlete has a beginning. Check out Tincher’s story of her softball beginning below.  ...more

I love to read stories about successful youth athletes. My sons pitch at the college level, ...more

Ring it up: 3 kettlebell moves

Lately I’ve noticed more people at the gym using a piece of equipment that looks like something Bugs Bunny might drop off a cliff onto the Roadrunner. ...more

Say Hello to the Big Guns - The Ultimate Arm Workout

Have you ever looked at a drop dead gorgeous shirt and really wanted it, only to have your arms stop you from getting it? Not that your arms could not reach and pick up the top, but that the waving triceps stopped you from trying it on. Hello!   Not to mention your back, you'd never want people seeing your back right now! ...more

Listen Up Cubs Fans - Lou Piniella's Message

Lou Piniella had a message this morning and said it again today when interviewed after the Cubs won the NL Central with a win against the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field. He simply said to remain calm, to not focus on the past and the heartbreaks, but this 2008 team that just won the division. And to remind us there is a long road ahead but just let this team play baseball.   ...more

Countdown to Marathon

Only two more weeks until my first marathon. I can't believe how far I have cpme in the last few months. I started training in May with very little experience running. I have tried running in the past but I always gave it up after a few weeks for some reason, my asathma, allergies, injury, tired. This time I committed to sticking with it and even signed up for a marathon thinking that would keep me motiviated, and it worked! ...more

The Prettiest Pitches

Test cricket is played in some of the most beautiful places on earth, from Barbados to Cape Town, but no Test Match ground can hold a candle to the real thing - the English village green, unchanged in centuries. ...more

Surfing The BlogHer Blogroll: A Fitness Blog Roundup

I thought I would take tonight's post to do a roundup of some of the great fitness blogs on BlogHer. I took some time and surfed the Health and Wellness BlogHer Blogroll (I also used BlogHer's new search tool), and here are fourteen of those blogs. Do you blog about fitness? If so, leave your link in comments. Workin On My Fitness... What I cover on Workin On My Fitness: ...more
I love the Nutrisystem program. My favorite food ...more

Eat your vegetables and do your circuit workout, kids

Tonight my family enjoyed bowling, tennis and boxing together... on our new Wii. It was great fun, and by the last knockout (my daughter took down some bearded fellow in under a minute; pent-up anger, much?) both kids were actually perspiring. Not bad for a video game system, I suppose. I can see now what all the hype has been about. ...more

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

I don't know what the weather is like where you live, but I am in the DC Metro area and it is about 73 degrees with no humidity. Autumn is upon us and in the Fall there is no place I would rather be than outside. More specifically, the place I most love to be in the fall is in the stand at a football game. Sure, I'll take a baseball game. I happen to live close enough to go to Washington National games or Baltimore Orioles games. Both teams have lovely ball parks and being out in the sun (or under the stars) with a beet at a nice baseball game is almost as good as it gets. ...more