Olympics Did you know this is an Olympic Year? Did you know the opening ceremonies are tonight? Yea, I just found out. I really need to watch more network TV. ...more

Olympic Moms at the Games in Beijing

Running, dashing, climbing, and jumping are just a few of the mommy events that can make even the most athletic of us feel exhausted by the end of the day. So how do approximately 20 U.S. moms balance the 3 a.m. diaper changes, the carpooling, and the toddler play dates of motherhood with their Olympic dreams?    ...more

Beijing Olympics: The Canadian Experience

I have a sad, sad confession to make - I cannot name a single Canadian who is competing at the summer Olympics in Beijing. I know, it's horrible! I just don't have the Olympic spirit this year - it's been dampened by protests, pollution, and censorship debates. It doesn't help that it's the summer Olympics and I'm definitely a winter Olympics kind of fan (hey I live in a country called "The Great White North" what do you expect?). I have no doubt that I'll be plenty excited for Vancouver's 2010 Olympics but I should be more enthusiastic for this batch of athletes. ...more

You are right, there are wonderful athletes who are competing for all the right reasons, and ...more

Weightlifting: No longer boys only!

   When you say the words "weight lifter" do you see big men with muscles bulging out of their necks?  If so, the next time you say it, look in the mirror.  You my friend, need to start lifting weights to help you maintain lifelong fitness. According to SportsMedicineAbout.com lifting weights helps keep our metabolism running at full speed.  According to the article... ...more

Is this the Year - Part Two - Tornados

On Sunday August 3, I wrote a blog on here titled "Is this the year?" Some people felt like I am jinxing it. Trust me, I have always been the one who is the first to say "don't say it!" or don't even mention the billy goat or Bartman. but I can't describe it. Something in my blood just feels it - and it's not because this was the first year I finally went to Wrigley Field and fulfilled my life long dream of finally seeing the place in person that I've watched on t.v. my entire life.   ...more

Butte Kicks Butt

I finally hiked Pilot Butte. Holey Moley, the first leg of that hike is steep. I'm so glad I didn't carry my hand weights up with me. I might have flopped onto the ground from exhaustion, and said "go on without me, Jen, finish your quest, you've trained long and hard for this..." I wouldn't have minded carrying some weights on the way down though, to get the most out of my 45 minutes of walking I can, in a multi-tasking way. Must keep that heart rate in the zone to burn the chub! ...more

NPC opposes US resolution politicizing Olympics

BEIJING, July 31 (Xinhua)-- China's National People's Congress (NPC) on Thursday expressed strong discontent and firm opposition to a US Congress resolution linking China's human rights situation with the Beijing Olympic Games, saying the resolution was an attempt to politicize the Games. ...more

The Power of Determination

This Friday, the opening ceremony of the Olympics will kick off in Beijing. Over the next few weeks, impressive athletic feats will be on display, records will be broken, and medals will be handed out. While the high level of talent and athleticism on display is undeniably impressive, the thing that stands out most to me in these Olympians is the level of discipline and determination they possess. That’s how they got to where they are today. ...more

It sounds like a wonderful project you have going on, especially with gearing the definitions ...more

Treat em mean and keep em keen, leave em if they're getting lean

I work with lots of men. Which is refreshing at times, at least I don’t have to deal with PMT (PMS) and Bitching and Moaning. Well maybe the bitching and moaning part, but at least they are not given to throwing things (mostly). A couple of weeks ago one of my colleagues approached my desk with a worried frown. For a moment I panicked, I thought perhaps the stationary cupboard was out of paperclips again. But no, he just wanted to give me some advice (?) ...more

When will men ever lose the ability to speak for all men? It's always an astounding thing to ...more

Did the NFL not get the TPS report that it's still BASEBALL season?

Look, I'm a huge sports fan in general but it seems that the NFL season keeps starting earlier and earlier.  I might just be imagining, but this time of the year when people starting talking abou all the preseason NFL games, I always feel like screaming "baseball still has half a season!".  I understand NFL is one of the biggest sports (if not the biggest) in the United States but football to me is the fall and we are still in the dead of summer.  Is it too much to ask for everyone to just hold off until at least September?  I forsaw this happening when all the draft talks starte ...more